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  1. Betta Chat
    Yea ... I saw this on Pinterest and had to LOL. I have only had my bettas about a month but boy do they have little "tudes!" T
  2. Betta Art
    I was bored, so I thought I'd do some pixel art for people! Here is my male and female. Note: the fins will match your betta's fin type.
  3. Betta Art
    Hi, I draw cartoon betta fish and if anyone wants one, post a pic of yur betta and I'll "cartoonize";-) it. I can also add the fish's name on the drawing. Here's some of my work. I hope you like it!:-D
  4. Betta Art
    Grumpy Giles is a 52 page book of comic strips about me and my (now late) betta fish, Giles. I loved that little guy more than anything I could ever love. After he died, I was inspired to collect the comics I made throughout his life into a tribute book including a few literary pieces...
  5. Betta Art
    Howdy! I draw a lot of betta related pictures. Here's one I'd like to share with you guys done in the style of My Little Pony. (Please don't redistribute this photo without permission!!) Fyuvix is my name on Deviantart I take commissions, so do contact me via note if interested <3
1-5 of 5 Results