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  1. Journals
    To include updates on all of my pets and general stuff. I figured I should keep track of everything, so I'll start off with this. Sorority: Fish fingers -red tailed CT Strawberry -red tailed CT Halloween -mustard gas CT Hella -blue plakat 4 petco baby bettas- so far unnamed (one may be male)...
  2. Finless Friends
    Persephone ^ Charcoal (lives with my dad) ^ ^ Bob, who recently got very thin and had to be put down... :cry: Eris - The friendliest cat in the house, always trying to get into the milk or food- anything really. ^ That's Hecate, she's a little monster- knocking things off...
  3. Other Fish
    I have a 55gallon community tank with glass lids. I also have a fat cat that likes to sit on top of the tank. He always hops off when I come in the room, but I catch him up there all the time. Today, I noticed a crack in the lid:-x I'm really concerned that he's going to do worse damage if he...
  4. Finless Friends
    Houdini is a very strange cat. While his brother lounges in the window or on a comfy bed, this inquisitive creature would rather be staring at the fish tank. He bats at the fish through the front of the tank, perches on the stool to stare at them up close, and when that's not good enough, he...
  5. Finless Friends
    Ah, my fellow cat people. So you'd like to show of your pics? Do so!
  6. Finless Friends
    My little Tiger just LOVES to watch TV! Especially Animal Planet, and I was just wondering if anyone here has a cat (or cats) who love to watch TV! You can include a picture if you have one of your kitty watching TV you'd like to share! :-) Here's mine
  7. Finless Friends
    A while back I posted a pic of both my kitties, so here's one of Just Tiger! I'll post one of just Friski too!
  8. Finless Friends
    My oldest kitty, Friski, is actually the family cat but she's more bonded with me since I pay most attention to her and became her mommy. She was taken away from her real mommy too soon (at just 5 weeks). She just LOVES to be with me, especially when I'm on the couch with my laptop! Here's a...
  9. Finless Friends
    This is Tiger watching little Mojo from her basket bed. She is VERY determined to get him
  10. Finless Friends
    These are my other babies, Friski (Left) and Tiger (Right). Tiger was a stray who we took in a little over a year ago and Friski we've had for over 8 (going on 9) years and was used to being an only kitty. One of the first times Tiger came in the house, Friski was trying to sleep in her special...
  11. Finless Friends
    My dad finally agreed to let me have a cat!!!! I've been begging him for years and he gave in. The only problem is that he's allergic to cats. What cat could we get that doesn't really cause allergies and is under $150? If any of you have cat allergies and still keep cats, please tell me...
  12. Finless Friends
    I love all things furry, and all things scaly and slimy for that matter ;-) i have 4 dogs 2 cats and would have mice rats and birds if it werent for those pesky cats :roll: sooo yeah and I also ride horses alot. great with animals of all kinds also, love actoin! nobody expected i would...
  13. Betta Fish Compatibility
    I am considering making a sorority using a ten gallon tank. I plan on having 5 girls. Is that a good number? Can I have cory cats, or would that be pushing for space?
  14. Betta Chat
    So I'm finally getting a betta this thursday (He'll live in a gallon vase until the 5 gal tank is cycled). I just set up my tank a few hours ago and was wondering if anyone else has cats as well and has problems with hair getting in the tank? My lid was on and everything and it's still in...
1-14 of 15 Results