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  1. 10 gallon cycle? Cherry barb issues.

    Other Fish
    This is long, as I want to try to give any info that might help. I have a Fluval Spec V with my Betta and an onion snail. It has been going for several months. The filter compartment has space for a bag of biosphere balls, carbon and the sponge. I took out the carbon when I started it and...
  2. stocking advice - betta tankmates

    Betta Fish Compatibility
    At the moment my 15 gallon tank only has small shoaling fish living in it, but for some time I've been wanting to add more as the tank looks so lovely and it's sad to have so few fish in it. I'd really like to get a female betta (or even a few of them, if that would be possible) but I'm a bit...