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  1. Betta Pictures
    Hi everybody. I got a little betta labeled as a baby boy from Petco on September 19. He was malnourished and so tiny, I didn't want to leave him in that cup. Since then he's grown and plumped up quite a bit, and has a feisty personality for his small size! From his size, I estimate him to be...
  2. Betta Pictures
    My 2nd betta, named Arthur: He was labeled as a twintail halfmoon, and unlike Athena, he does seem to actually match that label, lol I'll try to get a pic of him flaring once he settles in, but these are what I have now. Any help on his colors or fins would be appreciated!
  3. Betta Pictures
    Hey there! I finally decided I was ready to get another betta, and here she is! She's quite a feisty one, much more so than my last betta, he was very chill. Her label was pretty wrong at the store, "Male Twintail Halfmoon." She pretty clearly has an egg spot, and doesn't have a double tail...
  4. Betta Pictures
    Hello Betta community!! I picked this girl up from a… lets say unnamed… pet store today; she was one of the few left on what looked like a wall-of-death. I feel like i got very lucky. She’s a pretty large size, both in body and finnage, albeit her caudal fin is shredded. Im hopping it will grow...
  5. Betta Pictures
    opinions or knowledge on what his color could be is appreciated. ⬇️ More info under pics. I haven’t had any betta in a few years so newer color variations are unknown to me. However, I decided I wanted a koi betta and started casually looking for one that might stand out to me whenever I...
  6. Betta Pictures
    Hello everyone! I am new to the betta fish forum and wanted to show you all my beautiful betta fish - Casper! He's super curious and very social. But the super weird thing about him is his color change! I have attached an image from April 19, a few days after I got him, and his head was...
1-6 of 6 Results