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  1. Betta Fish Compatibility
    I'm new to fishkeeping and the forum so i'm just asking all my questions that I cant find answers to on my own :) I have a 15 gallon fluval flex tank and 1 betta male. I really want cory cats but wasn't sure if my tank was suitable for them. It's dimentions are 42cm in length, 36cm in height...
  2. Betta Fish Care
    Hi everyone!! :) So I've had my Betta fish Dory for about a year now. We started out with a .5 gallon tank, which quickly became a one gallon bowl, which is now a 10 gallon tank (which has been established for a couple of months now). Along the way Tamandani (a mystery snail) who either came to...
  3. Betta Fish Compatibility
    My dwarf half moon male Betta fish has had this sludge in his tank since the moment I set it up at least a few months ago. He is in a 2.5 Gal which I will be upgrading him to a 10 gal in maybe 2 weeks or so. The 2.5 was just a waiting period tank until I could move my 10 gal back home. I don't...
  4. Betta Fish Compatibility
    My boyfriend is giving me his 20 gallon long tank with a filter and heater. After I cycle the tank I want to get a new betta and Julii cories for the tank. I'd like to put in as many cories as possible because I know they are happier in bigger schools but I also don't want to stress out the...
  5. Betta Fish Compatibility
    I have a beautiful, docile, male, Betta named Fitzy. He currently lives with a few snails in a 5 gallon tank but i recently set up a 10gal planted tank that I'll be moving him into. I was thinking of getting some Albino Cory Cats (3-4) to help keep the bottom clean. I was wondering if I could...
  6. Betta Fish Compatibility
    Is this normal? They won't hurt his fins, will they?
1-6 of 6 Results