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crown tails

  1. Sorority Finished!

    Betta Pictures
    Hi guys! Thanks so much for helping me set up my first sorority. I went out and got a bunch of plants. Then, I rescued 7 girls from Petsmart and Petco. Introducing: Nymphedora. She is pretty freaked out in this picture, but when relaxe and happy she is a lovely lavender color. I think she is...
  2. Yaaaaaaay!!

    Betta Chat
    Guess what? I may be getting a CT from Petco today!!:-D:-D:-D Heres what he will be going into: A 1 gallon bowl He will have: An awsome plant from Pet Supermarket He will be on My new BIG nightstand. Its more like a bookshelf Hehe. His Bowl: Picture 001.jpg I want one that looks somewhat like...