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  1. Hello!

    Meet the Betta Keepers
    Hi my names PinkBetta. Im new with Betta fish but so far are in love with them :) So far I have one Betta of my own named Blu!
  2. Moonstone's new home ♥

    Betta Pictures
    hello! I just made this account today and I just got my third betta fish ever today. I really love him and his name is moonstone because he reflects the light and shines blue and green colors. Moonstone is also my favorite gem ♥ I am going to get him a tank heater soon so he doesn't get too...
  3. I present to you my Pygmy Corys!

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    The bestest tank mates for your betta fish!
  4. Bubble Nest

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    My little guy just started making a bubble nest in an undisturbed corner of the tank, and I'm so proud. Thoughts?
  5. For the Betta Fish Picture Contest

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    Please vote for my little guy!
  6. The Photoshoot

    Betta Pictures
    Some nice pictures, 2 of them are edited
  7. Wanted to share my bundle of joy!

    Betta Pictures
    Hi everyone! I am new to this website and just love how everyone can share their passion for bettas!! Anyways, I just wanted to show everyone my adorable new friend, Oliver, who I got 4 days ago. He is quite the personality as he is ALWAYS moving lol. I can't wait to see how he is going to...
  8. My betta fish bites my finger.

    Betta Fish Care
    I was feeding him, and i put food on my finger and hovered it above the water, because he jumps for his food. He didn't jump so i put my finger in the water. The food floated away but he didn't notice. So he went and bit my finger. Is this normal. Like it didn't hurt. So now when I put my finger...
  9. Am I a dork yet?

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    So I am 5 years old at heart. And because of this I made my little Daryl a get well soon card in the shape of a heart. He is fighting a little parasite and I wanted to encourage him :-D
  10. My heart breaks at petsmart.

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    guys the need to help bettas and the addiction is real. I was at PetSmart today to pick up Darryl some stress coat and I can't help but go and look at all the other bettas. surprisingly a lot of them looked ok and I saw a gorgeous vt that was light blue white and pink. he had the fluffiest...
  11. Adorable betta video on YouTube!!!

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    I found this adorable video of this betta fish! I just had to share it!
  12. My princess loves her new tank!

    Betta Pictures
    I took some pictures of Caroline exploring her tank. Sorry the pictures are sideways.
  13. Does your betta do any cute things?

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    Caroline was doing something really cute today! I wish I could have got a picture! So, in her tank she has these little gem rocks and today when I went into my room I saw her pushing them around with her little mouth! They are about the size of an average eraser and they are really light I got...
  14. Meet Labis and Jao Chai

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    :-) Impromptu purchase of fish today from Petsmart. New additions to the family to add to the goldfish and Monkey! One is a tiny, shy delta with a flesh-colored body and green/white splotched fins, named Labis- he's my sister's. The other is a spunky, big-boned flesh-colored veiltail with some...
  15. He's proud of his bubble nest!

    Betta Pictures
    My piebald DT Sherlock is very proud and quite possessive of his bubble nest! I was very careful not to disturb it when adding CO2 booster to the tank... only got moved a little.
  16. Is this normal?? :S

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    My betta, Bill, has been sick and is still recovering, and has been lethargic over the last week, tonight I changed his water 25% and I've noticed he's super active, coming zooming over to me when I put my face to his tank, I held up a chocolate wrapper to his tank and he flared at it - guess he...
  17. Do You Guys Talk to Your Bettas in Your Baby Voices?

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    I pass by Scout's tank, and he comes to greet me. So I crouch down, and- "Hey BeeBee! Whatchu doin'? Huh? You playin' in your log? Huh? Aw, you're so cuuuuute! ;););)" Lol, I'm such a fool.
  18. Cute things your betta does!

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    Pretty much, you post all the things that are cute that you love about your betta! I just got my female royal blue veil tail from Petco, and she has been doing some really cute things! She will follow my around when I walk past her tank and she will always chase my finger. I'm currently...
  19. Tempers flaring

    Betta Pictures
    Vladimir (left) in his temp. Cleaning tank, Kendrick (right) ❤️
  20. Treasure Hunting

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    Rittz: looking for the salt I dropped into the water .. he loves doing that haha. I'm still convinces he's a boy… I'm just not getting feminine vibes from the little guy, (or maybe I'm just in denial) . Anyway, I thought this was cute :lol: