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  1. Other Fish
    Dont mind the face in the title i clicked the wrong one Ok I bought 2 apple snails a week or two ago and I think one died but I am not positive? I was moving them to the five gallon today and noticed she smelled odd... I even picked up the other snail and smelled him as reference. He didnt...
  2. Betta Fish Care
    Ok. So today I went to petsmart and bought a small nerite snail for one of my betta tanks (not sure which one it is going in yet but all my tanks are 3 gallons and are heated and cycled). I've never had a snail before and I did do a bunch of research before I got one. I have a couple...
  3. Other Fish
    My betta normally lives with a black mystery snail, and they get along well, however, i have kept my snail in a separate tank while treating my betta for fin rot. Normally, my snail is very active, but is suddenly unresponsive. He was partially out of his shell when i cleaned the tank this...
1-3 of 3 Results