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  1. Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    I was in petco today when I saw this little guy... He was so beautiful! HOWEVER... He's got a strange... Shape to his body? He seemed active enough, but I was curious -- is this some sort of natural deformity or illness? I've never seen a betta shaped like this before. We didn't buy him (too...
  2. Other Fish
    Meet Stumpy! Cell phone quality picture folks, sorry about that! Poor Stumpy arrived in our Petsmart shipment looking like he had never had a tail! Perhaps it had been torn off at an early time in his life and simply healed over, never to return. At any rate, he swims fine, just a little more...
  3. Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    I bought this male halfmoon betta at pet smart yesterday and I noticed that his anal fin is slightly deformed. Would he have been born like this or did something happen to him?
  4. Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Bubbles is my 10 yr old daughter's fish, but we are all attached to him. Please help if you think there is anything we can do to save him!! Housing What size is your tank? 5 gallons What temperature is your tank? about 80 Does your tank have a filter? yes Does your tank have an air stone or...
1-4 of 4 Results