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  1. Breeding Betta Fish
    The delta tail gene is recessive, so would breeding a male delta tail male with a crowntail female just result with crowntails? Or rejects?
  2. Betta Chat
    Hello everyone! This is my new betta! I was just curious what his coloring is called. Does he look like he will marble? His container said Halfmoon Betta but his fin is not a 180 degree spread? Does that mean he is a delta tail? Also his eyes are a little bit popped out, is that popeye...
  3. Betta Fish Care
    Hi! so I'm new to this but I just really want to make sure my new betta is okay... I got him four days ago, I picked him because he followed my finger like a puppy! I knew he had some problems because I could see he had his tail ripped by the ugly plastic decoration in his tiny cube, but I fell...
  4. Betta Pictures
    So almost two months ago I adopted this little guy from a pet store and on his temporary container they claimed he is a dragon scale betta. I've heard that pet stores can often misidentify betta fish and thought this would be the perfect place to ask! He very well could be a dragon scale and I...
  5. Betta Chat
    I love all bettas and these are only preferences. I used to love halfmoons until I got my little veiltail boy. Now I prefer the asymmetrical look of the veiltail. I least prefer double tails. You?
  6. Betta Pictures
    I very recently lost my favourite betta. I decided to go to my LFS just to have a look and ended up falling in love with this little guy You can't really tell from the pic but he has this stripey pattern on part of his fins, he's so cute and tiny! His colours are still clearly developing, I...
  7. Betta Chat
    I have a crown tail named King who certainly lives up to his name. He has a big body compared to the other CT I bought at the same time as him, why is he such a big fish? Can he be a CT as well as a delta? Or am I getting delta wrong? .. And he's just fat?
  8. Betta Pictures
    I was disgusted by the state of the fish in that store, the one closer to where I live actually takes fantastic care of their bettas, but this one had dead fish everywhere, and nearly all of the others were suffering from fin rot and other illnesses. This guy was the only one that I thought I...
  9. Betta Pictures
    Cozmo R.I.P 9/12/11 - 2/2/12 Zelo 2/4/12 - What color pattern would you say Zelo is?
  10. Betta Pictures
    I live a five-minute ride or half-hour walk from PetCo. It's a serious danger to my wallet, as I now own FIVE bettas, including a half-moon. But I can't complain for a minute :-D So, here are my new boys. First there was Clownface, so named by a friend when she had to watch him for a week...
  11. Betta Chat
    I have the sickness. I do. In one week, I purchased not one, but TWO new bettas, and I'm experiencing no regrets. Thought I'd share the joy, hoping to have pictures up within the next week! =D First there is Kuro. Kuro is a mellow multi-colored delta-tail. For the most part he is a dark, smoky...
  12. Betta Pictures
    Hey all, so my most recent mailbox boy was a very sick, big blue veiltail. I've had him for about ...5 days? Anyway here's a comparison between then and now! The rest of my photos are before/afters of the other boys and girl who were left in my care. Most of them are looking for homes! Before...
  13. Betta Pictures
    I used a 14 gallon and planted it for a female sorority. any tips or suggestions are appreciated. I created it on a blog so instead of posting it all here I'll just link there and those of you interested can follow me there and I'll be sure to post updates here as well. :) I made a few videos...
1-13 of 13 Results