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  1. Unnamed Outside the Store

    6-24-2021 After getting him at Pet Supplies Plus
  2. Cruising the tank

    6-25-2021 Floating in his tank
  3. Meet Odin

    6-24-2021 After getting him home
  4. Meet Odin

    6-24-2021 After getting him home
  5. Meet Odin

    6-24-2021 After getting him home
  6. First Flare

    6-25-2021 First flare exercise
  7. Betta Chat
    I purchased my betta last week. I let my kids pick one that they all agreed on, and they chose a male dragonscale. After coming home, I googled pictures of dragonscales, and in the pictures, their scales look more defined / thicker in general. My betta is still small yet, barely measuring 2...
  8. Breeding Betta Fish
    Thinking about crossing a dragon(thick white scales on body, large red fins) with a non-dragon(metallic turquoise with red fins). Both are halfmoons. Is this likely to produce more dragons? Or is the trait recessive? Ideally I'd want some dragons, not all of the fry have to be dragons, but I...
  9. Betta Chat
    I think we need to have a meeting with Petco. They CLEARLY do not know what a dragon scale is.... Out of the 8 or so labeled dragon scales they had, only one would be considered a real dragon scale....
  10. Betta Pictures
    My roommate has been looking for a MG HMPK for quite a while now, specifically from The Betta Shop in MN. Since we live within an hour's drive, when shipment day dawned she emailed in and reserved the (only) MG HMPK. While we were there to pick him up, a lovely black dragonscale caught my eye...
  11. Breeding Betta Fish
    Hey breeders, I'm hoping you can help tell me what type of betta I have. I purchased him two days ago from a Petco. He was labeled as a dragonscale betta. What are your thoughts? He doesn't look like a typical dragonscale, except for the white body. His colors and fin structure are very...
  12. Betta Chat
    I never thought it would happen. But it has happened. I'm in love. I wish I had another tank. I've never seen a more beautiful fish. He has such a unique color pattern.
  13. Betta Pictures
    I have a little pet store boy, I'm pretty sure he's a dragon scale rosetail but his scaling is quite bad and over the past year that I've had him he's been progressively losing his sight. He can still see a little and comes to the tank when he sees me. I working on other ways to tell him it's...
  14. Breeding Betta Fish
    (photoshopped image) Because of this picture my interest in bettas was reignited since I had one in a little .5 gal tank in 2nd grade. I extensively researched bettas for the past few months and it's all been really exciting. Because of all this extensive forum lurking and Google searching, I...
  15. Breeding Betta Fish
    I have read that dragonscale is characterized by thick, whitescaling and that when naming dragons the color describes their body color and not their scale color. I have also read that blue dragons are not possible. My question is whether or not the "dragons" below are really dragons, as their...
  16. Breeding Betta Fish
    Hi all, I have never bred bettas before but I have been lurking on forums and reading up on betta phenotypes and genetics. I currently own a cute delta tail male named Clarence that I bought from a Petco a month ago, and I have had bettas in the past. I'm interested in breeding quality bettas...
  17. Betta Spawn Logs
    Wohooooo! If anyone has been following my spawn attempts since late February, they would know that I've had the terrible luck of a beginner. No more, however! I decided I would NOT update or create a new thread unless the spawn was complete and daddy had done his job...well, THE FRY ARE FREE...
  18. Betta Pictures
    I got this halfmoon dragon scale male from Petco yesterday. He's doing well, and settling into his home quite nicely. I'm just wondering what his color would be called. Is there a name for it, besides just "gold"? His scales are a beautiful, bronze-gold color. In natural light, he's an...
  19. Betta Spawn Logs
    these guys spawned yesterday and it only took one day !. very excited to have my own dragon line starting up that i will be crossbreeding to my ctpk spawn in the future ! mlae: female: eggs ! more then a 100 thats all i know haha :
  20. Breeding Betta Fish
    My Platinum orange/red Dragon Hmpk male and fancy hmpk female spawned last week and I was wondering what type of fry I will end up with? There's around 100 fry in this spawn and all seem to be doing great so far. I will be posting a spawn log soon. It wasn't my idea pairing but after 4-5 months...
1-20 of 33 Results