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  1. Anime version of your betta! (free)

    Betta Art
    Hello, My Betta Sharkie recently passed away, and I decided to draw her in anime form. (Since I fail at drawing fish) It's winter break right now, so would anyone else like to have their fish drawn? :) One fish per person please, it takes about 4 hours to draw one, two would be practically an...
  2. Betta Illustrations

    Betta Art
    Hi all :) I am quite a newbie with raising betta fish and to this website. But I have alot of experience with Illustration. Two events happened fairly recently that had lead up to me making this thread, 1. I recieved a baeutiful sketchbook for christmas and 2. I found my new inspiration, a...
  3. JoinMe! Watch and chat while I draw!

    Betta Art
    I didn't seen anything in the rules against something like this so if it's not okay, just let me know! JoinMe is a program that lets you watch my screen in your browser, very cool for when someone is doing art. You can also chat with me. I'm willing to give...
  4. Let me draw your betta~!

    Betta Art
    Hi everybody~! Shamber here! I am a manga and anime artist and I wanted to know if I could draw your bettas! I'm in the drawing mood and ready to draw your fishies!!! But they wouldn't be drawn as fish...They'd be drawn half human~!!! Here's an example~ It's my OC Serray. So comment with a...
  5. Custom Art for sale!

    Betta Fish Marketplace
    Custom Art for sale! Water colors only at the moment unless you special request them. Right now 5x7 are under priced plus you guys get $2 off anything (message me on here for the discount) I can draw bettas and most animals and sometimes people. What ever you want I can draw it as long as you...
  6. I'll Draw Your Fish! Fast!

    Betta Art
    Heeey everyone! After looking at a betta doodle I did I thought I could draw your fish! (And whoever owns Helios, please contact me! I actually really want to draw your fish!) I will do it on paper and in crayon. Requirements: 1. Cannot be an action shot. (In a turning position, upside-down...