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  1. Betta Art
    I'm on vacation and usually have some free time. So I like to draw, if you guys would want your Betta drawn post a picture here :-D I started off with mushu, Lil's betta, I really think he's beautiful and he looked challenging so I wanted to put myself to the test. It Is my first try and would...
  2. Betta Art
    I can draw your betta! I am not the best artist but it will be a good practice. Please provide a clear picture for me to draw if you would like me to draw your betta.
  3. Betta Art
    My betta, Princess, has never been drawn before so if anyone wants to draw my fish it would be awesome!! There are more pictures in my album "Princess" too. Thanks in advance :-D
  4. Betta Art
    So...I drew something like this before for my first betta fish, George, which is this one here. He had pass away recently and I was pertty upset. Definatly wasn't ready to go get another betta. But for my birthday Shi got me this tiny little blue baby betta! ;A; Now that I know more about...
  5. Betta Art
    Okay, so I got some really nice drawing software a while ago, and just recently rediscovered it. :-D I was goofing around on and experimenting how well I can draw betta fish on there and came up with this. I could make you one if you want....and hopefully you will want one. :lol::lol::lol:
  6. Betta Art
    A picture my roommate drew of our eight Bettas. :3 I love it so much I wanted to show you guys!
  7. Betta Art
    Hi every1; I just started using photoshop, and would like to get some practice in. So if you guys want me to draw your Bettas, I will try my best to get them drawn in 2-3 days. (sorry it can't be faster, I have work and classes) Here is an example of my work that I did recently.
  8. Betta Art
    Okay, so I need to practice drawing my bettas! I can't really draw them realistically, so they are cartoons. :) I can color them if you want me to, although -- Fair warning, I'm not that great at coloring. I'll leave a few examples of some that I have done. Please post a picture if you want one...
1-8 of 8 Results