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  1. Betta Art
    some drawing's of betta's when i feel like drawing them :3 both are drawn in different pen/watermarkers/ and paint sharpie :)
  2. Betta Art
    Hi guys, Im bored tonight and I would just want to draw some stuff, so why not bettas? Here's some of my work: WARNING: Im sipping some champagne so my next drawings won't be as detailed as those above but Ill do my best ;) If you are interested, answer those 3 questions! - what's the name...
  3. Betta Art
    I have a fish themed art print for sale in my Society6 shop. You can buy it at this link. I also have shirts, electronics cases, and other products with this design for sale as well.
  4. Member Classifieds
    I can do custom betta pen and ink drawings with your fish's name. For a 5"x7" drawing Black and white: $15 Color: $17 For a 7"x10" drawing B&W: $18 Color: $20 I know this isn't a fish, but this shows the style:
  5. Betta Art
    I haven't drawn in quite a while and I doodled a nice little betta inspired dragon in class today. I figured other members would enjoy a "dragofied" betta so I'm opening up the offer to bettafish members! Of course it's free and I will PM you with the finished product!!! All bettas will be...
  6. Betta Art
    Last night I wanted to do a watercolor painting of Arley and all I got done was the sketch. I just traced a photo because I can't draw a proportionate fish to save my life (where are my art skills when I need them). The paper is 6" x 8" and I plan on painting it then going over the lines with a...
  7. Betta Art
    I could make some cute drawings of your betta/betta fam! I would do more cartoony, but if given more time I could make them more realistic. If anyone wants to be a trial client then just post a pic(s) below!:-D
  8. Betta Art
    Yeah I just imagined this in my head, but it didn't turn out exactly like I imagined it, I drew it on my computer so, wouldn't expect it to be that great :P
  9. Betta Art
    I've had a rough couple of days with my pets, and I always find drawing I thought I could draw a few of your beautiful bettas. :-) I can make a small pixel betta (good for signatures), or I can make a colored pencil/marker drawing, or I can make a watercolor painting (which will...
  10. Betta Art
    for anyone who's curious as how to draw them, and maybe paint them... might do other bits and pieces if people found it helpful or interested. hope you found it helpful!
  11. Betta Art
    been so bored lately and I have had a craving for drawing Anime animals I can draw your fish as anime characters if you would like if you however want it like a normal picture just tell me hope to get replys soon:-D:lol::-)
  12. Betta Art
    may i practice on anybodys bettas/animals?
  13. Betta Art
    Hi there! So I'm just really bored… An example of my art is below! I just threw that together really quickly. I'll spend more time on yours! Thanksies! Waiting list: 1. 2. 3. Meh.
  14. Betta Art
    I got bored. I looked around an saw some oil pastels, and thought that drawing some bettas would be fun. So I did. These are my first betta drawings of any kind.
  15. Betta Art
    Hi! I'm new here. First time betta fish owner...and had one for like 2 days now. Yaayy. So for a grad present, my little brother asked me what my favorite color is. I told him yellow. When I got home I saw George siting on my desk. George is not yellow. My brother told me that all the yellow...
  16. Betta Art
    im not that good at drawing , but im good , trust me , i draw bettas as either monster fish or sea monsters, wenn u post a pic for me to draw, pls tell me the mood your fish is in and whhat they do , and alsow list any fin damage , i like to be acurate , and alsow it will take some time ok...
  17. Betta Art
    Hello I am new to the world of owning bettas and with that I love the beauty of them. I have been drawing for 14 years mostly with graphite and I have recently started using photoshop. These beautiful fish have inspired me to start drawing again, if you wish to have a picture draw feel free to...
  18. Betta Art
    Hello all, I've come out from my lurking to share an illustration I just finished of my boy Van Goghy. :-) I enjoy drawing animals but this is my first aquatic creature I've tried to draw. I had a lot of fun doing it and I hope you guys like it. Thanks for looking!
1-18 of 30 Results