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  1. Betta Chat
    I never thought it would happen. But it has happened. I'm in love. I wish I had another tank. I've never seen a more beautiful fish. He has such a unique color pattern.
  2. Betta Pictures
    My boyfriends mother and father have a fish tank at their home and she's having a minor algae problem so she asked if we could go out and get her a few snails for her. How could I turn down going to the LFS?! So off we went to get some snails! Sometimes when we go I sort of feel bad for my...
  3. Betta Chat
    I haven't noticed a topic like this but after stalking aquabid, seeing others fish, or walking through a petstore I was wondering if anyone has this idea/s of a dream fish they wish they had? Personally, I love looking on aquabid but I have a really hard time with the thought of shipping a...
1-3 of 4 Results