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  1. Tail type & some gorgeous boys!

    Betta Chat
    Hi everyone! My 10-gallon tank is finally cycled and I am ready to buy my betta! I love dumbo ears but many of them I have seen are labeled dumbo half-moon. I am worried about getting a betta that has oversized pectoral fins and is a half-moon because I think they would have a hard time...
  2. Dumbo - Attempt 1 - to spawn 3/2018

    Betta Spawn Logs
    Hello Everyone, It has been nearly 20 years since I have done my first successful Betta Spawn as I left the hobby aside during this time I had no time or resources to attempt this again. So, here I am with a nearly ready couple to attempt this again! Why 'Nearly'!!! Because the male seems...
  3. What do you think of this combination!?

    Breeding Betta Fish
    EE Female X Cosmo HMPK Male I will post pictures of the Female tomorrow. Has anyone ever spawned a similar pairing? I would love to hear your experiences. :smile2:
  4. Norbert Says Hello!

    Betta Pictures
    Well, he wasn't what I went looking for at all, but who could resist this goofy looking guy? So Admiral went into the 20 long community (where he's thriving) and Norbert got his own 5 gallon. After hiding and resting up the first two days he's now full of energy and Mr. Personality!
  5. White HM Dumbo - Auction win!

    Betta Pictures
    Look at this beautiful boy I won at an Auction from Fishchick Aquatics (Jodi-Lea Matheson) I'm so excited, I'm already trying to think of a name for him! Any suggestions? He should arrive in 2 days. My 7.3G tank is looking quite empty since I've moved Callisto to his old 2.5G home! :-P
  6. Long time, Torn fins

    Betta Fish Care
    Hello Bettafish community, I've been handling bettas for a good amount of time, and I've never had this experience with a boy who's fins won't heal. I come from mostly a ciclid background, but have fallen in love with several of the wild-betta types. On that note, the kids really like the...
  7. New guy needs a name!

    Betta Pictures
    I have been having a terrible week and happened to be in PetCo to window shop the day they got a shipment. Well, we all know how that goes. Left this guy there, went home, and then drove back right before they closed to pick him up because I caved. Actually, there's a bit of a story: my...
  8. Dumbo Betta Acting Odd

    Betta Fish Care
    Hi there, I am new to this forum and so far I am loving it but I do have a question about my male dumbo betta, I bought him about a month ago from a local fish store, when I purchased him and put him in his tank, he would always seem very sad, and I don't know... floppy?! As if he is weak, I've...
  9. Skully

    Betta Pictures
    I recently bought this guy at a local fish store, I think he is so unique, I love dumbos, I think they are just the cutest.
  10. Elephant Ear with Swim Bladder Disorder?

    Betta Fish Care
    Hello, nearly a month ago, my little brother begged for a female betta. With permission granted, he was allowed to purchase one and the proper setup with his own money. I helped him through the process. We went to PetSmart as its the nearest pet store since LFS seems to not be a thing in my...
  11. Dumbo/Big Ear Betta

    Betta Fish Marketplace
    Hello! So I am absolutely in love with dumbo bettas, problem is here in Canada my petsmart and other LFS dont sell them. I cant find any for sale and I'd prefer not to buy from Aquabid because of the high prices. If anyone has or knows someone who has Dumbos I would love to chat. Preferably in...
  12. Question About Dumbos

    Betta Fish Care
    Hey guys! I have a dumbo betta that's a tail biter and his tail is healing fantastically, but when I bought him I noticed that he may have chewed one of his pectoral (dumbo ear) fins. Do dumbo betta pectoral fins grow back? I haven't seen any new tissue forming at all.
  13. Elephant Ears: Coloring?

    Betta Chat
    IDK if this is really the right section, but I don't think there's really anywhere else, plus it feels kind of chatty and I'm just curious about it. So: why do all the elephant ear betta fish I've seen have the exact same (ok, similar) coloring? (Purpley-grey with white-ish- or something like...
  14. Dealing with a Fin Chomper

    Betta Fish Care
    Hi all! For Christmas I treated myself to the betta of my dreams:lol:. Fryderyck is a dumbo delta tail boy and I knew when I bought him he looked like a tail biter (he had a chunk missing, but it was healing and growing). Last week Fryderyck started tail biting, he's healing up now but I still...
  15. Goodbye Rescue Fishy

    Betta Memorials
    This unnamed fish lived for nearly 7 months after I rescued him from PetSmart, blind, starved, and infected with a fungus. He finally succumbed to dropsy this evening, but he fought for his life for a long time. After his rescue his fungal infection was cured within a month and his sight was...
  16. First Spawn, HM Dumbo x HM

    Betta Spawn Logs
    Hello! Here I will be posting progress, questions, and results relating to my first spawn. I want to introduce myself first; My name is Logan, I'm 15 years old and live in Boise Idaho. I've had fish since I was 5, and always have been fascinated by them. In August of 2014 I purchased my third...
  17. Aloha~

    Meet the Betta Keepers
    Hello everyone, I decided to actually make this cause I was lurking around this area, bored to death, and I'm pretty sure Dawn is sick of me, haha. My online name is Fawn Enasni, and I congratulate anyone who realizes what Enasni means. I'm 13 years old and I swear I have murdered anyone who...
  18. Elephant Ears/Dumbo Betta fish!

    Betta Pictures
    I'm planning to get an ee/dumbo betta fish very soon!! But first I would love see everyone's elephant ear/dumbo bettas fish!!! This will help me choose what color I want!! (: so please post your ELEPHANT EAR BETTAS HERE!! (: And please note where you got your betta fish from... For example I...
  19. Petsmart Elephant Ear/Dumbo

    Betta Pictures
    I go to petsmart once a week, I always of course look at the bettas!! And usually bring one home lol. Im just wondering is that all elephant ear/dumbo betta fish at petsmart has only small tails???! I've been going to petsmart for couple years but started getting interested in elephant ears...
  20. Dumbo(Elephant ear) Plakat pairing. (Photo heavy)

    Breeding Betta Fish
    ~~I APOLOGIZE FOR THE MASSIVE PHOTOS~~ I don't plan on breeding this pair until after summer but I thought I would show everyone the pair I've chosen! The plan is not to breed for anything specific, I just want to breed for experience. Not looking for a specific colouring, not looking to have a...