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excited to have new fish

  1. New Betta + Update

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    I haven't been on this forum for a very long time due to homework and my volleyball season (which just ended). Life goes on and I get to spend a little more time looking at all the gorgeous fish and various topics on this site! I recently upgraded my Jasper to a cycled, live planted ten...
  2. Welcome Home

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    This is my new Betta coming from PetSmart. They were well taken care of but I didn't measure pH or ammonia but they were all active. Not sure of what to name him...Any ideas?
  3. Bacardi is home!

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    Hey everyone! So today was the day, I saw him and I needed him! I picked up a bunch of supplies today, new heater, filter, thermometer, plants, ammonia fizz tablets (reduces ammonia), food, and conditioner, a few other things also, but just little things. He's now all happy and active and...
  4. Which one to choose???

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    I went Betta shopping and supplies pricing today, I found so many Betta that are all so pretty, how do I choose which one to get! Here are some that I'm interested in! I need one that suits the name Bacardi! I'm a little attached to this one! Any ideas there are over 50 Betta to choose...
  5. My First Fish

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    Hey everyone! I'm a young adult hoping to purchase a Betta Fish on Friday (August Friday 6th) I'm very new to owning fish, but not to pets in general. I've had several pets, a dog, 3 cats, a finch, 2 hamsters, a horse (I leased), and a hedgehog, but never ever a fish! So I'm very excited, but I...
  6. My new sunset fish!

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    Hello everyone! This is my début post on this site~ So hello and it's wonderful to meet you all! ^_^ Here is my shiny new betta that I purchased from one of the greatest pet stores ever (it's called Preuss's Pets, in Michigan) His name is Ludovico, Ludo for short, after the Pianist...
  7. new to the betta-fish world

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    hello everyone! i was at the store a few days ago, and i proudly bought a new betta fish!! his name is sir oliver joseph, but im rather lost on how to care for him :-? so i'd greatly appreciate some advice. i joined the website because it seemed like a cool place to learn new things :-) im happy...