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female betta sorority

  1. Gender identification & Odd "paired" Bettas

    Betta Pictures
    Hello, New here, but have been keeping bettas for a couple years now. For some reason I really like females, they have so much personality! I currently have a Betta Sorority with 4 bettas (had a 5th but she died of fin rot 4 days after I brought her home :crying:, will be adding a 5th once I...
  2. Planning a sorority

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    Hello fish friends! Me and my boyfriend have been talking about setting up a sorority tank. :-D We are both very excited about it. But I think we need more info, I plan on getting a 10 gallon tank minimum and having live plants. We will also have a heater and a filter(brands/models to be...
  3. Female Betta Sorority Question

    Betta Fish Compatibility
    Today I put in my six females bettas in my new, cycled 10 gallon tank and aside from some nipping them seemed to get along decent for the first day. I put them in starting with the girl I thought was least aggressive and then of course I put the most aggressive one in last. My tank is not...
  4. Advice on starting a sorority?

    Planted Betta Tanks
    This weekend I am getting a new ten gallon. Since I already have four male bettas in other tanks, I want to start my first sorority tank. The Aquarium Adventure store near me keeps their females together and they are very young. I am wondering if that would be better than buying females kept in...
  5. My Walmart rescue

    I loth Walmart and avoid it when I can, tonight I wasn't able to, so of course I had to check on the fish. The ones in the tanks were in cloudy nasty water. The bettas of course weren't in better condition. This female caught my eye. Cloudy nasty water, there is some sticky stuff on the lid by...
  6. Dead Pleco over ate or killed by females?

    Betta Fish Care
    Bought 2 barbed plecos last week and now 1 of them is dead this morning. Found it floating upside down under one of my plants and thought he was just clean it. Closer look and it was dead. Can these algae eaters over eat? Or would one or more of my girls have killed him? Thinking of buying 2...
  7. Female Betta Sorority Help?

    Betta Fish Compatibility
    Hi there, I'm extremely new to the whole keeping females together-thing, and I'd like some help before I make any sort of mistake! I'm very familiar with bettas, behaviors, care, etc. I bought myself a little, very young looking female yesterday (oct 20th) and I've heard a lot about...
  8. New Additions to My Betta Sorority?

    Betta Fish Compatibility
    Tank specs: 20g high Filters: Top Fin 20 & Aqueon QuietFlow 10 Fish: 5 female bettas 6 Albino corydoras Am I stocked? If I add neon tetras, 5 would probably be my limit. Is 5 too small a number? Any other fish suggestions? I was also considering a snail or 2.
  9. My Betta Sorority

    Betta Pictures
    I have some pictures, but the videos came out better. This is my betta sorority 1 week in. Since this was taken, one of the bettas from the first half of the video has been re-added. She was sick, but is now healthy and happy. The blue one, Toothless(Her face reminds me of the dragon, of the...
  10. A 55 Gallon Betta Sonority?

    Betta Fish Compatibility
    :-D Hi, I have this giant (Well, at least it seems it to me.) 55 gallon tank. It's not a tall but I don't think it's a long either. I was thinking about doing a betta sonority with it. Maybe 9 or 11 female and keeping them with some other fish? It will be live planted. As far as other fish...
  11. New Female Betta Sorority

    Betta Pictures
    HI All, Please take sometime and check out the new female betta soroity I setup in a 10 Gallon low tech planted tank. There are currently 3 will add an additional 2. Thanks for watching!