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  1. my sweet babies

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    i have had bettas for several months now and i'm loving them! i have 3 females and 3 males (getting a 4th female soon) and i just wanna introduce them (in order of when i got them): Chaz Stu Soma Queenie Hypnos Tiny
  2. HELP! Need Names, and Identification for Two Females!!!!!

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    So I have these 2 females, No idea what they are, I'm planning to breed them, and they Need names! I don't have any idea of what to call them, easy names please!
  3. Do I have a weird exception to the "2 female bettas cannot be housed together" rule?

    Betta Fish Care
    Do I have a weird exception to the "2 female bettas cannot be housed together" rule? I have 2 females living in a divided 10 gallon tank at the moment. Aphrodite, a purple, pink, and blue crowntail and a currently nameless purple dumbo halfmoon. The dumbo is a newer addition, I ordered her...
  4. Betta Names! (females)

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    Here is a list of betta fish names that I think are good for females, but there is no one saying you cannot use them for males, too. -Violet -Valentine -Chloe -Penelope -Olivia -Kaelyn -Blu -Ingrid -Pinkie -Frankie -Fiona -Nina -Rosie -Margret -Michelle -Ysabella -Sunny Have any other names...
  5. Newbie looking for advice before breeding

    Breeding Betta Fish
    Hey everyone, so my roommate has this BEAUTIFUL crowntail male. We found him in the pet store I work at... I've never seen another betta like him! Anyway, a few months later I fell in love with a gorgeous silver female and before I could resist, I brought her home. And then my roommate got to...
  6. Ladies Appreciation Thread!

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    Show me your lady fishes! Please include color and tail type if possible~! These beautiful girlies need more love~ <3 (Mines just a wee babe but when she's bigger I'll put up her pic)
  7. Question about keeping multiple females together

    Betta Fish Care
    So my friend bought a female betta fish. In May, she will have to give her to me. I can keep her in my 10-gallon along with my betta. Both females. I know about sororities and the pecking order, so with that in mind, can I keep two females and get other types of fish instead of other females...
  8. female marble hmpks from Snowflake311

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    very excited to receive these ladies. very awesome fish. they certainly didnt waste any time feeding on whatever they could find in the tank. they got to snack on a few bloodworms too. first, closeups: and after a meal:
  9. Aquabid sellers.

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    So I'm looking to get some betta girls for a sorority. I was wondering if any knows any trusted/great betta sellers on aquabid, all my LPS don't really have much of a variety. Thanks in advance! -Truong.
  10. Why are my females more "curious" than my males?

    Betta Fish Care
    Hi every one!!! I am new to this site (in a way), this was the only site I went to when I had questions and everyone on this site is just awesome for being such amazing betta owners. :-D So here's my question, My 2 female Bettas are curious about everything! They love to hide in their...
  11. Dawn of the Dragon...Scales

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    ^ lol if you know where I snagged my title from, I automatically love you and no it's not "Dawn of the Dead" or anything like that. And everyone should know by now that I have to tell a story before I show any pictures, but feel free to skip the story if you must. ;-) Sooooo I recently acquired...
  12. Betta sorority in tropical tank help?

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    I have a 60 gallon tropical tank with: 10 neon tetras 2 short finned guppies 2 ballon belly mollies 1 cory cat, I know they should be kept in schools but i don't have luck with them:-( I'm getting another betta for my divided ten gallon tank but i was thinking, hey, why not try a female in the...
  13. Planning on Starting a sorority!

    Betta Fish Care
    Hey Everyone! So, I've been reading up alot about sororities and have decided that I would like to start one. I'm just wondering what would make the best, most reasonably priced quarantine tanks. I'll probably start it in a couple months because my mom said she could probably get the sorority...
  14. Sorority question

    Betta Fish Compatibility
    I just got 5 females for my 10 gallon tank (hiding spots/plants) I was wondering, after the floating process, do you put them in 1 at a time or just dump them all in or what, exactly?
  15. these are my giants I am selling

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    Here is the male: Here is a top veiw of the female:
  16. Community Tank With Female Betta's

    Betta Fish Care
    The annoying glass mirrors: Hello, recently I had a few posts about my 55 gallon aquarium. I introduced my male betta Re to the tank, the only problem was it really bugged him since the tank has inside mirrors that cover the whole glass and the biggest problem is I cannot remove the mirrors...
  17. Semi-Newbie with a Fluvie!

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    Hi all! Thanks in advance for your assistance which I certainly need! I had 5 boys from 2004-2008 in separate unfiltered 1 gallon tanks (lots of water changes) and 1 female from 2002-2005 in 2.5 tank with a heater. She was AMAZING! Despite my lack of knowledge back then, I did manage to...
  18. Who makes a good pair?

    Breeding Betta Fish
    Considerations: similar colors, dragon scaling, overall quality. Male to match with: Females: #4 is my favorite as she has white, red, dragon scaling, blue, and a tiny bit of cellophane. I do lament over the green and lack of baby blue however. Please share your thoughts with me!
  19. Results Of My Shopping Spree

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    I went Christmas shopping and since I was in the area of some of my major petstores, I ended up going to 4 of them :P I WAS actually looking for some new fish so no impulse buys today! I was able to find 3 girls and a boy (and some goldfish ;)) and bought some anacharis so we'll see how using...
  20. How many girls in a ten gallon?

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    I am planning a sorority in my new ten gallon. Would 5-7 betta girls be enough/too much? I would like to know how many I can safely keep in a ten gallon so I can consider Amano Shrimp or Cherry Shrimp as the "house cleaners". If all works out I am leaning more towards Amano since they are...