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  1. He hasn't eaten in seven days. Solutions?

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Most of the situation is explained below, but in summary: my crowntail is sluggish and really beat up, since the plakat he's been sharing a divided ten gallon tank with for the past few months jumped sides and picked a fight. He's swimming and breathing fine. His eyesights good, and their are no...
  2. Torn fins, please help!

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    I'm not certain that this is in the right forum, I'm hoping it is because I could really use some help. A few hours ago I came home to find that somehow my Crowntail male betta had gotten past my divider into my King bettas tank. My king only has a few tears on his dorsal fin and his tail...
  3. Female betta tank, sudden fighting???

    Betta Fish Compatibility
    Okay, here are some basics for ya: How many lovely bettas: 11 Other pets in tank: 4 snails Feeding: was evening, now morning. NLS betta pellets How big of tank: 45gal Decor style: Natural, heavily planted (fake plants though) Ammonia: 0 pH level: 8ish (a bit higher probably) Anything I missed...
  4. help my fish is sick!!!):

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    I purchased to male bettas a couple months ago and at the pet store they told me to get a tank with a devider in it and they would be fine. Unfortunately they were not and one of the males started to attack the other through the devider and slightly damaged the fins of one of them. So I quickly...
  5. King Bettas and first fight

    Betta Chat
    Well, today was an interesting day. I went out with my best friend to get her an aquarium setup, and I ended up coming home with 2 King bettas from Petco. They were in pretty bad shape, and I think both have Velvet. So I bring them home, and I get them set up, one in a divided 16 gallon (I...
  6. Mojo Vs Reflection (Who will win?)

    Betta Chat
    Little Mojo thinks that his reflection is actually another male betta, Lol! Check it out
  7. My fish are fighting :(

    Betta Fish Care
    Hello, everyone. This is my first post on the forum. I made this account just minutes ago. Anyway, here is the story: Four months ago, I was given one of those fish hotel tanks as a gift. It's not very big. I checked it out at the store's website, and it turns out that it was 3.3L, which is...
  8. Female Betta Fish Questions!

    Betta Fish Care
    I got my hands on 3 rather small female bettas today (pictures, there are a lot of them js) and have just acclimated them to a 21 gallon tank but have some questions.Try answering the most you can, thank you :) Can you tell me what kind of bettas these are? How old would you say they are? I...
  9. Help fast!

    Betta Fish Compatibility
    Ok I just put two female betta in the same tank, and one of them is a tiny bit bigger than the other. The bigger one is sort of slowly chasing the smaller one and the smaller one is swiming away! Are they fighting?!?!? Please help!!!!
  10. Help Fast!!!!!

    Betta Fish Care
    Ok I just put two female betta in the same tank, and one of them is a tiny bit bigger than the other. The bigger one is sort of slowly chasing the smaller one and the smaller one is swiming away! Are they fightiong?!?!? Please help!!!!
  11. Boo got into a fight :(

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Well first off let me say that I don't know how it happen, but my poor betta somehow got past the divider in my 8 gal tank and I think got into a fight with my other betta Spirit. The divider was still in place and reached from the bottom of the tank under the gravel to the lid at the very top...
  12. Rescued Betta

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Whenever I go to Walmart I cant help but to browse though the Bettas (Cant help it, love them!) While browsing today I came across a cruel act of another Walmart customer, they took a male beta from his container on the shelf and dumped him in with another male Betta, by the time I found the...
  13. Reflection fight!

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    Hi I'm new in this place and I love it! ;D After reading a few pages I changed my little guy Johnny Topside to a 10g thank 2 days ago. But the point of this thread is this… He has been fighting his reflection under the filter these 2 days, is this dangerous if it continues like this? Can I...