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  1. Betta Spawn Logs
    So I am week 10 into a successful spawn but have counted only one hmpk fry out of the 60 (a currently cellophane male). This is devastating as I was hoping to get a well formed koi hmpk female out of this pairing to match to an orange base show male hmpk i have. Goal was to improve anal fin on...
  2. Show Bettas
    I'm new to the Betta world after being a fish keeper for over 30 years. I have always been into breeding my fish but not for show... Just as another level to the hobby. As my son and I are getting more serious about form and finnage we are wanting to start with good specimens. While we are very...
  3. Betta Fish Care
    My friend buying a betta this weekend and has never owned a fish before. He's deciding between a veiltail betta or a half moon but I heard that Half moon's are more susceptible to diseases such as Ich and finnage problems. Is this true? Which breed do you recommend?
  4. Breeding Betta Fish
    I recently got my third betta fish from a local pet store. I know that his color pattern is called 'dalmation orange' and that he's a veiltail. I also know that most people wouldn't bother to breed fish bought at a pet store because of there unknown genetic background and that veiltails aren't...
1-4 of 4 Results