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  1. My Betta Moloka'i

    My Betta Moloka'i

    Moloka'i is an active but also passive young delta tail betta. He swims through hoops, jumps, and sits in my hand. I hope to upgrade his tank soon!
  2. Funny fish captions and jokes!

    Betta Chat
    I'm just going to throw out some pictures of Moloka'i with funny captions! You can share pictures of you fish with captions or just share fish jokes. Well here we go! This is what Moloka'i ALWAYS asks me just before bedtime!
  3. Aquabid fish, seller Aurorabetta99

    Betta Chat
    I was wondering if anyone had and experience with the seller Aurorabetta99 on aquabid? I'm wanting to buy a betta fish from them but I'm a little nervous since I'm a first time buyer.
  4. tank care

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    I everyone im new to the site and well iv had fish but not since i was a kid. I was looking at getting 2 2.5 gallon tanks and i wanted to plant then and have couple guppys in there. my question is do they need a compleate water change every other day or would be best to go up to 10 gallon with...
  5. What to breed with my black orchid halfmoon male

    Breeding Betta Fish
    Hello, I was wondering what kind of female betta (colors wise) would produce the best looking frys for my full black orchid halfmoon male?? Please from experience breeders only and provide pictures of the ending results would be helpful.
  6. How does colors work in Betta Breeding?

    Breeding Betta Fish
    Hello, I've been doing research, and still can't find the answer. I'm thinking of trying some Betta breeding sometime next year maybe, and I'm just wondering how does the coloring in the Betta fish work? And by that I mean if you add a Blue Betta and Red Betta, would you eventually get Purple...
  7. HELP my fish is paralyzed

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Help, I have one and a half year old fish that is like paralyzed. He never swims around his tank and just lays on his side on the top of the water floating like a dead fish would. I thought he was dead at first but when I feed him he sadly wiggles to the food but he eats fine. He lives in a...
  8. I have returned from the dead to haunt the forums once more!

    Meet the Betta Keepers
    Good day mateys, I just returned after multiple years of inactivity, so I decided that I should reintroduce myself?? I feel like a brand new member dslkfjsdlkfj. (I've also changed so much in the past few years? Teenage development sure does a lot to a person~ uhhnh, not exactly sure what I...
  9. SIP, my little Dew Drop. [Chumani]

    Betta Memorials
    Well, it's been a year and 5 days since the day Chumani took ill with Dropsy and died, and even longer since I've posted on this website. So I figured my first post in so long would be about the little fishy who inspired me to join this site. Chumani shortly after I bought her; Fall of 2014...
  10. PLEASE HELP!! What is wrong with my betta?

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    **** In the picture submitted you can clearly see a healthy betta fish in the top 3 pictures. Those pictures are from May 2017 when he was first brought home from the pet store. The bottom 3 pictures are from last night. This is a betta fish. I wasn't aware of the type of care that these fish...
  11. Is my betta dying?

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    HELP! I have tried everything with my better fish, Pearl, and nothing is working. For the past few months, Pearl has been slowly losing her fin directly attached to her belly. It's like its disintegrating. And now its almost completely gone, and last night she sunk to the bottom of her tank, and...
  12. How a "Mere" Betta Changed my Life

    Betta Chat
    So, in this thread, I will talk about how a betta changed my life and a little back story :smile2: (I dont think anyone will read this) My backstory: When I was young, and by young I mean REALLY young (about 5 or 6,) my dad bought a 60g and a 5 gallon tank since we are going to buy fish from a...
  13. Betta fish wholesale !!

    Betta Fish Marketplace
    Hello I'm from Thailand if you need bettas from Thailand you can contact me I'll give you good price. Please feel free to ask me. Contact me LINE ID : jirakibwat FACEBOOK : JIRAWAT KHEMMALAI MESSAGE : +66823045275 Sorry I'm not good at English :D
  14. Butterfly Marble Male - Rehome - Fin melt/rot, would like better suited environment.

    U.S. Classifieds
    I'll make a link to a betta care thread with my issues i'm having when it comes to bettas with large fins + my tank / set up / problems living with living in a bipolar climate, hence why the fins are getting worse on him. Personality of my fish: *Playful *Not shy *Stays at top of tank, likely...
  15. Help! How do I cure fin rot?

    Betta Fish Care
    Alright so basically, I'm an idiot. I bought a betta before doing any research. At first he was living in a bowl. I'm not going to lie, it got pretty dirty. I'm pretty sure he was showing the first signs of fin rot while in there. I learned that bettas need a lot of space so I bought him a 5...
  16. Three Top Fin Torture Tanks

    Meet the Betta Keepers
    Three Top Fin Torture Tanks (First Post) Hello everyone! This is my first post. Here are some top fin (a brand that sells bad and good fish products) tanks I saw that are being sold for betta fish earlier today. (None of the photos are mine they are just the online photos of the same products I...
  17. New Friends for My Betta

    Betta Fish Compatibility
    Hey ya'll! My Betta Raz absolutely loves catfish and he got along with my old gourami, which was surprising. He seems like he would get along with any fish but I want ya'll's opinion on what I should get. I'll give you a list of what I want and please tell me if it's a good match or not! Feel...
  18. Wounded Betta

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    I feel like crap for even somehow letting this happen, but while I was cleaning my 5gal divided tank today, I guess I didn't fasten the divider in enough and the next time I come into my room my betta Koda was on the the other Betta, O.P's, side. Koda has a slash around his 'neck' area and it...
  19. Parasite?? Was in my fish's gill

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Hello, This bug-thing came out of one of my fish's gills, and I grabbed and isolated it as I would like to know what it is I'm sorry the pictures aren't the best quality, but it is all I can do with what I have :/ This little thing is disgusting me, coming out of my fish like that...Came...
  20. Parasite?!

    Betta Fish Care
    Hello, This bug-thing came out of one of my fish's gills, and I grabbed and isolated it as I would like to know what it is I'm sorry the pictures aren't the best quality, but it is all I can do with what I have :/ This little thing is disgusting me, coming out of my fish like that...Came...