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  1. RAOK Salvinia minima

    Betta Fish Marketplace
    I have an abundance of salvinia minima-use it in all my betta tanks. Have enough to fill 3 10"x4" tubs. You can take 1,2, or all 3 portions (I think I can cram them all in), just pay shipping~> $8 shipped usps priority mail. Shipping in continental US only. Payment through paypal as goods...
  2. Im bored, drawing your betta for fun (free!)

    Betta Art
    Hi guys, Im bored tonight and I would just want to draw some stuff, so why not bettas? Here's some of my work: WARNING: Im sipping some champagne so my next drawings won't be as detailed as those above but Ill do my best ;) If you are interested, answer those 3 questions! - what's the name...
  3. Looking to re-home- near twin cities

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    Hello! I am about to graduate and will in all probability be moving in the near future to a graduate program or job in a different state. I am planning on bringing a couple of my fish children with me, but cannot logistically bring them all. I am in River Falls, WI currently but live in...
  4. RELive: Bettas for Adoption

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    RElive: Betta Splendens Rehabilitation and Rescue All of these guys (fish listed in next posting) have been rescued from the petstore or have been poorly cared for and given a second chance at a good life. Will you become that person who gives them what they deserve? The betta is FREE, however...
  5. Free male betta in nj! - want to find good home.

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    ::::NEEDS NEW HOME:::: Received this guy from my professor on Tuesday October 13th. Was okay with it until I found out that betta's living in mud puddles was a myth. Now I feel bad that he's in his current bowl & would like him to be in something bigger. Sadly I do not have the finances for...
  6. Pixel/Signature Bettas

    Betta Art
    Hey guys! I've had a couple people ask me about the little pixel bettas in my signature, so I figured I'd open them up and try to do a few more... In my original thread, things got a little out of hand with requests, so I'm doing to do them in batches of three! :) I can't edit the original post...
  7. Snails (ISO / Wanted / Looking For) MTS & Eventually Assassin

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    Nothing fancy, just covering cheap shipping for the little pests! :lol: Would prefer MTS (substrate buriers) I have searched our (1) tiny LFS tanks for snails & they are actually really good about QT, I couldn't find any. And for time & gas it would be cheaper to get snails from someone on...
  8. Female Betta Free to a Good Home

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    I need to find a new home for Indigo, my cute little female betta. Her background: I got her thinking that I could put her in with my other "female" betta. Unfortunately, it tuned out that my original betta was not a female like I had previously thought. He was mislabeled when I got him...
  9. Free Bala Shark for Local Pickup

    Betta Fish Marketplace
    I have a bala shark that I can't take care of anymore and I'd like to give it away to a nice new home. I got him about 6 months ago and now he's about 3 inches. I don't want to have to ship him so if anyone in the New Jersey/New York City area is interest please let me know. (Keep in mind that...
  10. RAOK floaters: salvia minima

    Betta Fish Marketplace
    I'm doing a RAOK, for those unfamiliar that means Random Act Of Kindness which basically means "free stuff, just pay shipping". I only ask that the winner pay shipping price + Paypals fees: $6.30 (pay as "goods and services"). If you do not have PayPal (ask your parents for permission) or...
  11. RAOK - Giving Back to the Community

    Betta Fish Marketplace
    Hello everyone! So the response to my plant-sale thread has been exceptional. Lots of sales and excellent customers in the past few weeks! So, I want to give back. I'm giving away a plant package for FREE. It will contain: -5 stems Myrio - Golfball of pearlweed - 4 stems Ludwigia Arcuata x...
  12. Need to get into the habit of drawing again...

    Betta Art
    Post pictures for me? I'm going to try to sketch a betta a day. Quality may or may not be involved.
  13. Starter Bettas?

    Betta Fish Care
    I was not sure where to post this topic since I haven't reached 100 posts to make a topic in the classifieds so please don't yell at me.. Does anyone know if there are any sellers that offer "starter Bettas" to people who are interested in breeding? I used to be a member of an old forum-like...
  14. Free pixel art!

    Betta Art
    I can make free pixel drawing of people's bettas! I'm not really good at CTs but I'm OK with most other tail types. Just post a few clear pictures and what you would like in the background.
  15. Free Art to Practice : )

    Betta Art
    Hi everyone! I would like to get better at drawing fish. (Bettas specifically) So if anyone would like, I'll paint a picture of their betta : ) I will draw it in the pose its in, in the reference probably : ) Here is my first attempt at a betta: I need practice so I'm opening 3 slots and...
  16. Would any of you like me to draw a picture of their betta for free?

    Betta Art
    I know my drawings aren't that good that's why I'm not charging money. Would you like me to draw your betta? I would love the challenge.
  17. Betta Drawings!

    Betta Art
    Hello I am new to the world of owning bettas and with that I love the beauty of them. I have been drawing for 14 years mostly with graphite and I have recently started using photoshop. These beautiful fish have inspired me to start drawing again, if you wish to have a picture draw feel free to...
  18. 55 Gallon in Brooklyn just posted on CL

    Betta Chat
    Thought I'd share the link if anyone is in the NYC metro area. Someone posted a 55 Gallon Tank for FREE. They state its in excellent condition. I already have too many, don't need anymore, otherwise would have already been in commute to get it...
  19. I can make you a free betta avatar!

    Betta Art
    My requirements: - I only accept commisions until the 25th of March. I may accept them after this point later on, but that has yet to be determined. - I would prefer your picture be fairly small (avatar size), but I can work with larger images as well. - I would like an idea of what you want it...
  20. Free Betta Avatars!

    Betta Art
    Hi there everyone! I had a thread like this a while ago, but would anyone want their betta pictures made into avatars? They are really fun for me to do, and they really only take a few minutes to make. All you need to leave is the name of your betta (or whatever you want the avatar to say) and a...