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  1. Betta Fry Emergency

    Betta Fish Care
    Hi! So a couple of weeks ago I successfully bred a pair of betta fish. The babies are getting close to 4 weeks of age. I bred them knowing that I would be away this next week; because a friend had told me that they would be able to feed the babies for me while I am going to be out of the...
  2. Betta Fry Diet

    Betta Fish Care
    Hey all, My roommate and I plan on breeding a pair of bettas in the next few weeks and I have a few questions about fry diet. 1) can I feed betta fry mircoworms from the time they are free swimming to a few weeks old to avoid feeding them fry bbs (after that, I plan on feeding frozen beef...
  3. 1oz Microworm Starter Cultures $2.99 USD

    Betta Fish Marketplace
    These are healthy microworms cultured using only instant mash potato and yeast. Our cultures are cycled weekly to maintain quality. Microworms are a perfect food for small egg layer fry such as bettas, they contain protein that small fry need to grow. These are the same worms that we feed our...
  4. New baby fry!

    Betta Fish Care
    So the day before yesterday I went to petco in search a new pet. I saw the baby Bettas and couldn't resist the cuteness and the idea of raising a cute little fishy. I've had Bettas before, but never this young. Nor did i do what your techie supposed to do. I wouldn't say I treated them poorly...
  5. Fry Transport Question

    Breeding Betta Fish
    Can one safely transport 4 week old fry on a 3 hour trip? Anyone have experience? Any recommendations? I appreciate any tidbit you can share. Thank you!
  6. Raising Fry Guide

    Betta Fish Care
    Hey Guys, I would like to share this very useful info about raising fry. Hope this can help you. credits to bc betta. Raising Fry So now you have a nest full of little tails bobbing up and down very exciting. For the first 2 days after the fry are born they hang under the nest and when they...
  7. Baby Bettas?

    Betta Fish Care
    So, I was out getting dog supplies today and I wandered across some BETTAY FRY! OMG. They were ADORABLE. I wanted one so bad but my tank is already full x3 Still I'm curious, whats the difference between raising a young, teensy weeny baby betta versus young adult betta? How much room does...
  8. I've found myself with one of Petco's 'baby' bettas. Am I missing anything?

    Betta Fish Care
    Okay, so I recently lost my big male to old age, and today my mom brought home one of Petco's 'baby' bettas for me as a surprise. Let's skip past the ethics of buying a juvenile fish from Petco. I have it now and I'm not about to return the poor thing. It's over one inch, almost an inch and a...
  9. Baby Betta care

    Betta Fish Care
    My friend bought a baby betta from petco but then decided she didn't want it... :roll: She knew I had a betta before and pretty much insisted I have it. I'm happy about having this little guy, but I have no idea how to take care of him! Currently, he (or she) is in a 2.5g tank with a heater. I...
  10. Molly pregnant for too long

    Other Fish
    On Christmas, I got 3 mollies and 2 platies. One molly was a boy, the other 2 were girls. Immediately I saw the boy mating with one of the girls, and assumed she would get pregnant. Her stomach was getting bigger slowly, like I would imagine a normal pregnant fish would get. Her due date was...
  11. Sponge Filters?

    Breeding Betta Fish
    I have looked online on how to make sponge filters and I want to know from seasoned Betta owners what design works the best for adult and fry Betta?
  12. How to Breed Guppies? Help!

    Other Fish
    Hi, need a detailed guide on breeding guppies? Are breeding traps okay, or do they stress the female out? Is a ten gallon with a "fry nursery" a good choice? I really need someone with good advice! This is a research project, so I cannot keep all the guppy fry. If anybody wants some, let me...
  13. tell me what you think: baby betta

    Betta Pictures
    I set up its 10 gallon this week as it is getting way more active. there is a one gallon vase inside the tank with a betta i took home that was about to be flushed (she was very sick) i have the vase in the tank because its too small for a heater and the other fish is way aggressive. anyway my...
  14. Guppy Fry Care???

    Breeding Betta Fish
    Hi sorry for posting in the betta section but I feel I will get more responses this way, it is important. As with betta care sites, many of the guppy sites have conflicting info when it comes to fry care. Are there any betta lovers out there that have knowledge and experience with guppy...