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  1. What would the Betta say? (Game)

    The Lounge
    Hello! this is a game I thought of when I was playing with Nomi, basically I was putting a straw around the food he didn't see and he came to it like "Woah! its a magic wand of food!" I will now demonstrate how to play this game. Person 1: What would the Betta say if I put my siphoning vacuum...
  2. You Know You're Obsessed With Bettas When...(Game)

    Betta Chat
    I'm not sure if this the right place for this, so it get moved by a mod. But I figured it would be a fun way to start a conversation and get to know each other. Anyway, the rules of game are simple. You just have to complete the sentence "You know you're obsessed with bettas when..." before you...
  3. Betta Toys

    Betta Fish Care
    My Dumbo male betta, Dawn, likes to jump for his food, swim in between my fingers, and follow a finger. He also swims towards soft vibrations, like me softly tapping his tank. I've been trying to think of certain toys or something he can play with, but it hasn't been working. He will try to...
  4. Change a word game

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    Haven't seen a thread like this yet. I've seen this game before on other forums, and thought it would be fun here. :-) In this game, we'll start out with a story. The next person changes, removes, or adds a word. Words like it, and, or, is, a, if, as, etc. don't count as words - you can remove...
  5. Betta App

    Betta Art
    I don't know if anyone has ever played the game Pocket Frogs but I think that I want to get my friend to help me create a similar game only with betta fish. I think it would be awesome. Basically the game is collecting all the colors of the 30+ patterns/finnage varieties etc. and there are...
  6. A neat betta fish game I made

    Betta Art
    So, I have this neat animation/game-making software that I love, and I recently (a couple seconds ago, really) made a game where you take care of a betta fish named Sammy. It's not the most complex thing ever, but I'm planning to upgrade it so that you can choose your betta and their name and...
  7. Corrupt a wish

    The Lounge
    This is a fun game I found, enjoy :D One person thinks of a wish. The Next player has to "corrupt" it and post a wish of their own. Example: Poster #1: I wish I had the world's highest chess rating. Poster #2: Wish Granted, but your post is misread and you are given the world's highest...
  8. The Phrase Game

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    This game is a phrase game where the purpose is to post two words that make a meaningful phrase. Rules: All Rules apply to this game. Post only meaningful phrases. A phrase is a sequence of words intended to have meaning; it can be a characteristic way or means of expression...
  9. Word Mutation

    The Lounge
    The purpose of this game is to mutate a word into something else by using one of five options. Rules: All Rules apply to this game thread. Use real words only. How to play:: 1. You can add a letter to it to make a new word. Example: star -> stare 2. You can remove a letter...
  10. The Five Letter Game

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    Five Letters Game This is an easy game. Someone posts five letters, and then the next poster makes a phrase/sentence with words beginning with those letters in the order that they are listed. For example, B M M H T Begging Me, Make Hummus Tonight Then leave your five letters... W Y I M K
  11. Who has a PS3?

    The Lounge
    Just asking who has a ps3. What games do you have?