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  1. Kings Among Splendens

    Hello everyone who decides to read my journal. Here's a bit about my "collection". I have seven betta in total. Two possibly three female. And four male. A pleco, two neon tetra, two neon danios, a flame tetra, and a long fin black tetra. The tetra, aside from the flame tetra, were my sister's...
  2. Is this betta worth the price?

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    Hi all. I decided to come back from the dead, relatively speaking, to ask a question. I was looking at bettas online and found this absolutely breathtaking one for sale. The price is a whopping $150 and shipping is $35. According to the description, he is a giant halfmoon plantinum betta. Here...
  3. Is there such a thing as a giant white crowntail betta?

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    The only giant crowntails I've seen have been black orchids and some other colours. Never seen a platinum white. Anyone come across one online or irl?
  4. "White Dragon King Crown Betta" Breeding Possibility

    Breeding Betta Fish
    (photoshopped image) Because of this picture my interest in bettas was reignited since I had one in a little .5 gal tank in 2nd grade. I extensively researched bettas for the past few months and it's all been really exciting. Because of all this extensive forum lurking and Google searching, I...
  5. Breeding Project Questions

    Breeding Betta Fish
    Hi all, I have never bred bettas before but I have been lurking on forums and reading up on betta phenotypes and genetics. I currently own a cute delta tail male named Clarence that I bought from a Petco a month ago, and I have had bettas in the past. I'm interested in breeding quality bettas...
  6. Female giant showing interest in crowntail

    Breeding Betta Fish
    Hey, I'm wondering if anyone can help me out here. My female giant - "King" or whatever you want to call her, she's about 3.5 inches long; I know there's a lot of debate as to what constitutes a giant, but that's not what this post is about - has never been interested in mating before, not even...

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    My Giant royal blue 3.1in male jumped out of the water a good 6or7 inches & BIT MY LIP(latched on it)! & it scared me so I JUMPED up in shock/surprise & my lip threw him on the floor :(, hes ok now thou. He still jumps at me for a trick when I feed him but not my face anymore, probably only...
  8. Is this Giant Melano female infertile most likely or fertile & carries Melano gene?

    Breeding Betta Fish
    Is this Giant Melano female infertile most likely or fertile & carries Melano gene? Is this Giant Melano female infertile most likely or fertile & carries Melano gene? I don't own her yet but if shes most likely fertile, I am going to purchase her.
  9. Show me those Giants!

    Betta Pictures
    So I've recently discovered that there are bettas much larger than King bettas. I think they're gorgeous but haven't been able to find lots of picture off google. I'm sure at least one person here owns a Giant. I'd love to see yours and hear about it! I would love to own one someday. They're...
  10. New Giant Betta

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    I recently bought a giant purple/pink betta, I saw him at the pet shop and couldn't help myself, he was absolutely gorgeous. I have him in a little transition tank at the moment and he will be moved to my aqua one 126 tank that I bought for him once its cycled. The aqua one 126 is 22 litres =...
  11. Giant Bettas!!

    Betta Fish Marketplace
    Who we are? College students who are fascinated by the Betta's beauty and personality. What we do? - We bring in premium quality Bettas from some of the best and champion breeders in Thailand. All fish are in the US and can be shipped within 3 business days. - We pick the fish ourselves and...
  12. For Christ AKA hotrod

    Betta Pictures
    He was in a tank with a coral reef for some reason and so his fins are a little torn up. I will try to mend them a bit before we meet. His color also faded slightly because he got a little scared when I turned on the flash. Hope you like him! He's the biggest betta I've ever seen, kinda wish he...
  13. Introducing my new 'giant' betta - Butcher (pic heavy)

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    I had him for about a week now, but I had couldn't find my camera memory card lol A bit of a horror story with this one, I was away from home for a few days and I left his food out and instructed my mother on how to feed him. Turns out that she thought that giving him only four pellets per...
  14. New owner, probably fell in love with the wrong betta..

    Betta Fish Care
    Hi everyone :-P I've been keeping fancy goldfish for 6 months now and have really been getting into the fish keeping hobby, I have an old 21 litre (about 5.5 gallon) tank that was sold to me to start my goldfish hobby (before I knew any better, they're in a huge tank now) and over the last month...
  15. My GIANT Halfmoon Plakat Boys <3

    Betta Pictures
    Salvador (as in Dali) who you lovely people may have seen....He's the bigger of the two boys at about 4.5 inches. I think he's Cambodian colored, with a red head and magenta/plum body. First photo is him with Brutus, my halfmoon plakat male...