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  1. Traveling with Bettas...22 hours away! Suggestions?

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    So I'm probably moving from Missouri to Arizona in September. I know it's quite a ways away but I still want to be prepared. :) I have LOTS of bettas. I can't say no to them. I have three males and eight females (I'm possibly adopting out two females). My females all live together, so during...
  2. Show Us Your Sorority Pictures!

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    :-D Hey ya'll! I haven't found a thread dedicated to Sororities yet and I really love looking at all the cute pictures of sorority girls, so show us your pictures! I'm looking forward to seeing all the pictures! Thanks!
  3. New girls, New tank set-up :D

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    In light of the decision to find a new home for 'Rutela' (a 'she' who became a he) I was left with only 3 girls in my sorority and that just wouldn't do. So I went to petsmart and found the two girls there with the biggest, most prominent ovipositors and smallest ventrals I could find. XP I...