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  1. Bloated betta and blue gourami! Please help

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Today while I was at church my close friend (who has no fish experience whatsoever from what I know) texted me saying that she bought me a fish and ghost shrimp as tankmates for my betta..... in his 5 gallon tank. I asked her what kind of fish she bought. She said a blue gourami. I had never...
  2. Dwarf Gourami Behaviour Change

    Other Fish
    Alright so I had a dwarf gourami and a molly living in a 10 gallon peacefully and the gourami and molly always got along, swimming by together. But today went to the fish store and added 4 baby danio glofish and a killifish. Since then, my dwarf gourami has been going crazy attacking all the...
  3. Sexing Gouramis

    Other Fish
    Hey guys, I went to the pet store to stock my 10 gallon and for now, i bought a what I think to be a Sunset Gourami? I think he's a male because i've read that male are brighter in colour but a confirmation of its sex and the species of Gourami he is is truly appreciated. Pictures below:
  4. Bully kissing gourami

    Other Fish
    I've had my two kissing gourami for over a year now in my 55gal community tank. They are both males and although they have their kissing spats from time to time, I have never had a problem with one being too dominant. In the last week or so however, I've noticed one of them has become a real...
  5. Harlequin Rasbora tank mates?

    Other Fish
    I have a 20 gallon tank that I would like to set up as a community tank. Currently I have one Harlequin Rasbora in my 55 but he needs some friends. I'd like to get at least two more Rasboras and put them in the 20. What would go well with a group of them? I'd really like some kind of gouramis...
  6. Trichopsis Pumila - Choosing the right tank

    Other Fish
    Hey all! New to the forum but not new to fishkeeping. So I saw a pair of Sparkling Gourami - Trichopsis Pumila (easily confused with T. Schalleri or T. Vittatus) in the local shop and I absolutely fell in love. These will be my next fish purchase! Of course, I need to complete their setup...
  7. Betta and Gourami?

    Betta Fish Compatibility
    Hey everyone! So yesterday I went to petco to buy a breeding net, and came home with a 15 gallon tank, oops! (But it was on sale super cheap, so I couldn't help myself ;-)) I feel in love with Drarwf Gouramis recently and would love to get two, but I'm wondering how they might pair with a...
  8. The horror...

    Betta Chat
    I just went to a home of a college student giving me their gold gourami as a trade for three guppy fry. When I got there I was shocked to find that the home where she was housing 2 guppies, a pleco, a gold gourami, and a blue gourami was in this: My jaw litterally dropped when I saw this...
  9. Betta with Gourami?

    Betta Fish Compatibility
    :fish:I currently have a tank with a male Dwarf Gourami, one yellow male guppy, and three Harlequin Rasboras. After doing some research, people have been saying that male bettas can sometimes be put with fish such as guppies or rasporas, but I'm not able to find if the Dwarf Gourami is...
  10. Bettas and Blue Gouramis?

    Betta Fish Compatibility
    I'd like to know what are all of your experiences and opinions with housing Bettas with Gouramis. I have a betta in a 55 gallon tank which houses a few different tetras, corries, pleco, guppies, danios, and gouramis. I've seen different compatibility charts that basically say "NEVER, NO, DON'T...
  11. Betta and Gourami Share Dinner

    Betta Fish Contests
    (I'm not sure if this counts as one picture, but I wanted to show it as a process shot) :)