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  1. betta covered in green growth

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    I work at a pet store, and we noticed the other day that one of our female bettas is covered in a green algae-like substance. She seems very lethargic and I am trying to see what I can do to help her. Unfortunately, the bettas are kept in horrible conditions (no heaters, SMALL containers, and...
  2. Adelburn is getting older too

    Betta Pictures
    I showed some pictures of takumi I figured I could do the same with adelburn! He is as mean as ever, but then again that's compared to takumi who I feel is a bit overly friendly. But whatever. We had an incident with his tail a while ago so it's not what it used to be :/ BUT I am getting better...
  3. My new addition. Not too sure what kind he is.

    Betta Pictures
    I very recently lost my favourite betta. I decided to go to my LFS just to have a look and ended up falling in love with this little guy You can't really tell from the pic but he has this stripey pattern on part of his fins, he's so cute and tiny! His colours are still clearly developing, I...
  4. Green Betta

    Betta Pictures
    So when I bought my betta he was a very pale brown with a teal outline on his fins. After putting him in a 10 gallon tank for few weeks with a heater he really changed his colors. I've heard true green betta fish are considered rare, but how about just green betta? I feel as if this betta is...
  5. 4 newbies - Back In The Game

    Betta Pictures
    Hi everybody! It's been quite a while since I've been on this site because of how busy my life got all of a sudden. I quite breeding fish all together and only kept 3 tanks running but now I'm back :D With me I've brought four new bettas and am hoping to work on creating a true green line so...
  6. Algae...good, bad, or irrelevant?

    Betta Fish Care
    So...from what I've read thus far, Algae doesn't appear to be a big issue in a tank. In fact, all sources point to it being a good sign that the tank is cycling. My 5 gallon tank has started to develop green algae. Do I need to remove the algae? Is it going to cause any issues? Is it really...
  7. My boy is growing up!

    Betta Pictures
    When I got my betta, he was a beautiful dark, emerald that's healthy (aka not living in a cup) he's so BRIGHT! And colored scales have started showing up on his face! He's so pretty. I love him so! THOUGH, I'm still not sure what type he is!!! Any advice? And now I present...
  8. My new betta!

    Betta Pictures
    Earlier this week, I bought my first betta since I was a chid. He's GORGEOUS. I wasn't sure about taking home a fish until I saw him! He's perfect. He's small (1.5 inches) and dark green. I'm wondering if he'll grow or not.
  9. For BL2033

    Betta Pictures
    Here's the female, photos are BAD so sorry! What do you think of her? The lighting is dim and yellowish, it doesn't show the pretty blue green of her fins at all. She also was a little stressed so the color isn't very deep.
  10. who's your favorite breeder?

    Betta Chat
    SO first some BIG news, a friend is taking my lovely goldfish to live with her in a better bigger tank! Which meeaaaaans.... that I will be upgrading my 10gal sorority to a 30 gal! Anywho, i currently have 7 girls in the 10 gal and when i upgrade i want to spoil myself a little bit, and get...
  11. Before and After Pics!

    Betta Pictures
    So when i first got Faustine and Andromeda it was rather hard to tell them apart. Since they have settled in, their differences are very obvious! BEFORE: Faustine Andromeda NOW: Faustine: She's got a great green flash. Andromeda: It doesn't come up in the photos, but she's got a blue...
  12. My little Curly

    Betta Pictures
    I've been wanting to get a new betta since I move a couple of months ago and could not take mine with me.Yesterday me and my boyfriend went to Petco and I was surprised at how many beautiful bettas they had.It was very tempting to get a pretty one.I saw one that was a color I have never seen...
  13. new betta, some concerns (ammonia burns?)

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    hey everyone. so my question may be silly, but im kind of a newbie so i'm going to ask anyway :P backstory: so yesterday i walked into the petshop. i already had 4 bettas so i didnt want to buy another one, just wanted to look around. the lady asked me if i was looking for any particular...