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  1. Guppy Question

    Other Fish
    a few days ago, I was at petsmart and I saw this one male guppy that looked like someone took a blue wag platy and put the colors on a guppy. i already regret walking away and not buying him. He was the only one like that in the tank and I'm really hoping he's still there when I can go back...
  2. Dwarf Panda guppy Question

    Other Fish
    Hello All, My LFS recently started getting in Dwarf Panda Guppies- I've fallen completely in love with them. I want to get three pairs of the Panda and three extra normal female gups to even out the balance. I have a five gallon coming in as my last tank- is five gallons enough? I could go down...
  3. Guppies Vs Endlers

    Betta Fish Compatibility
    Hey guys! It's been a long time since I've been on this wonderful form, and with Christmas coming up and the possibility of getting new fish, I decided to poise a question: Which is better to live with bettas, endlers or guppies? I've got a ten gallon I've had up for a while and I'm trying to...
  4. Koda's Guppies

    Heya! okay, just to start off, I'm Akuma, and I'm a beginner guppy breeder. I'm just doing it for fun and for the experience, not for the profit. :) The guppies stay in a 10 gallon tank sharing it with 4 corydoras and 1 male betta, Koda, who is very sweet :) August 4th, 2016 Got the guppies! I...
  5. Stocking Ten Gallon- New options + betta/guppies

    Betta Fish Compatibility
    Hello all, My mother informed me that we’re upgrading out dwarf hamster Dipper from a ten gallon tank to a 20 long, meaning I will inherit another tank. At first I’ve been thinking about a brackish tank, but I’m not too keen on the idea. The biggest need I have is the fact that I want to have...
  6. New Peppered Cory spawning?????

    Other Fish
    I bought three peppered corys on Saturday, the 23.For tow ays two of them have been racing around, glass surfing constantly. The other seems fine and has been hanging out with the other four pygmy corys. I read that the two could be spawning? If that’s the case then how do I save and raise the...
  7. Newbie About Guppies

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    After 1 year, my Betta died. He died two days ago. I want to own a guppy and put it in the tank of my deceased betta. I did 100% water change and put water conditioners. I'm planning on buying guppies tomorrow. Since I'm a beginner in guppies. Here are some questions I'd like to ask since there...
  8. Tank cleaning/companion questions

    Betta Fish Care
    Hi guys! :wave: I have a few questions for ya’ll. 1....On tank cleaning. i have a ten gallon planted with mostly fake plants with the exception of one moss ball. Today I took out the fish in there (One betta and four pygmy cories) and tried to vacuum it. Took about three gallons out. Still...
  9. Commintiy tank issue?---help!

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    I purchased five guppies about two weeks ago form a local petco know for pretty decent fish. The guppies were quarantined for a week before I put them in a ten gallon with my betta. This morning I was watching one of the females, who is swimming a bit different then the others and seems smaller...
  10. Tetras and Guppies

    Betta Fish Compatibility
    Hello everyone. I have a quick question concerning tetras and guppies: Is it possible to safely house tetras and guppies in the same water conditions as bettas or do they have specific requirements in terms of temperature, pH, water hardness, etc.? Thanks.
  11. quarantine questions

    Betta Fish Compatibility
    I bought five guppies five days ago for my ten gallon. All it has in it is my betta, Sam. I was wondering how long I should quarantine them. So far they have been nothing but healthy. All five are doing great. Thanks!!
  12. nervous-unsure what to do...

    Betta Fish Compatibility
    So today I introduced my new five guppies into my ten gallon with Sam, my beta. Its seems o be going okay, but the guppies are scared to death of Sam and every time he comes up he thinks its funny to scare the carp out of them...Should I separate or will they be fine??? Thanks!
  13. My guppy has velvet

    Other Fish
    Hi so my guppy has velvet. It looks like a light dusting of gold. I cleaned the tank and added so salt, not table salt what should I do? The air conditioning broken down so I think it's because the water temp has been fluctuating
  14. 15 to 20 gallon stocking help - already chose the fish, just need the numbers!

    Other Fish
    Hi! My friend wants to get a fish tank. He's kept fish before, but he's not sure how many to put in a 15 or 20 gallon tank - preferably 15, but if that's impossible, a 20 would be okay. Dimensions would be helpful too, but not necessary! I'm willing to research more. This is what he's...
  15. How do I know when guppies are ready to "pop"

    Other Fish
    I have two female guppies that came to me pregnant, and I realized I have no clue what to watch for to know when to remove them from the main tank. I've never had live bearers before. What will they look like? Someone mentioned them being "square"-ish. Here are the two girls about 2 weeks ago...
  16. 2 guppies and betta in a 5g?

    Betta Fish Compatibility
    I recently was given some guppies but have more males than females so there is too much harassment for my liking. I have a filtered/heated/planted 5g with a betta (who is the most likely my best candidate for tank mates) that I'm about to rescape and plant heavier. There are some small ramshorns...
  17. Guppie problems *sigh*

    Other Fish
    So this afternoon I removed 1 guppie from my 8 males as he was being picked on his tail is completely ruined, I'm unsure why it was him, his tail is bigger than the others and he is a different colour, once removed I noticed the remaining guppies were ganging up and chasing another guy and...
  18. 10gallon tankmates?

    Betta Fish Compatibility
    So I've been considering getting a 10gallon for my female betta when she's big enough, but I don't want her to be alone! I'm having difficulty deciding if she should be in a sorority of just bettas or if I should get her some other fishes to cohabitate with. Been considering corey cats (2 min)...
  19. Betta news.

    I guess I'll post about my betta adventures here ^-^ Here's what is new: I found a 10 gallon aquarium, it needs to be repaired but beside that it's in great shape. I went to look at the betta selection at the pet store and found some Halfmoon, so beautiful!!! I could not resist getting...
  20. Betta Fish, Aquarium Plants & more!

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    For sale: Betta Fish Aquarium Plants Aquarium Decorations Aquarium Heaters Aquarium Thermometers Microworms Ramshorn Snails Pond Snails Malaysian Trumpet Snails Guppies Axolotls Fish Food Flakes Pre-Conditioned Betta Water Gravel Fish Tanks Live & Artificial Aquarium Plants...