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  1. Other Fish
    I had 11 guppy fry in their own 4 gallon tank. They were about a month old and the only thing we did was add a heater because winter is coming. They have been fine this whole time, eating, swimming happily, did tests on water parameters are where they shuld be. They were growing good...but this...
  2. Other Fish
    My female guppies have dropped in back to back to back to back days and thus I have a ton of tiny guppy fry! I managed to get about 50 or so out of the community tank and into a grow out tank. I do not use breeder boxes or nets, I let it all happen naturally, except for catching some fry and...
  3. Other Fish
    I got a female guppy today along with some other fish to add to the 29g. When I got home I was preparing to put them into the tank. I looked at the guppy female and said, "I hope you give me babies!" and seconds later 'pop!' a guppy fry comes out of her. This was the funniest coincidence that...
1-3 of 3 Results