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  1. Guppy Fry Behavior Question

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    Hi, I acquired some guppy fry about 2 months ago from a coworker's daughter (she bought guppies without being aware that they are prolific breeders, haha), and now they are almost adults. Maybe about another month or so until they are mature, so right now they are "teenage" fish. I ended up...
  2. Guppy Fins Too Heavy- What To Do?

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    Hello all, I purchased a few male guppies a while back, and one of them had amazing, HUGE fins. I named him Hydra. All was well until they began to get shredded by the friendly option over food between the four. I now have only two males, Nicholas and Hydra, who get along great and very bonded...
  3. Dead guppy & pale looking neon tetra,long post

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    Please note that these fish are not mine, they are my 12 year old brothers & I'm posting this as to possibly get some help/insight I just checked on my brothers fish & found one of his guppies was missing(1 male and 2 females) and found one of the two females dead near the filter intake, had...
  4. Guppy bloating... AQ salt or Epsom??

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    My male has been mysteriously bloating. He’s in a hospital tank right now and I’m using AQ salt in it. But someone told me that will make it worse and I need to use epsom salt??? Help me, please, I’m super confused. Thanks guys!
  5. New Tank Stocking

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    As I posted on my journal, my betta Spi died yesterday, and now I am looking to restock my tank ASAP, as I am going to the city this weekend (don't worry, I am completely stripping it and cleaning it). So first a few facts about the tank: 5 gallon tetra (rectangular), has a heater, and a whisper...
  6. what's an easy fish to breed?

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    I would like to show my class the reproduction of the fish species but I was just wondering if there are any suggestions on an easy fish to breed to definitely end up with fry to raise. I am an elementary school teacher and I remember how exciting it was in school when my class bred and raised...
  7. Lump on betta is it a tumor?

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Hi there I have found a lump on my betta under his front fins I'm pretty sure it's fairly new but appears to be getting bigger, he's behaving normally swimming and eating doesn't appear to be bothering him. Tank is cleaned regularly 20L water levels fine and heater and filter. Fed once a...
  8. My guppy has velvet

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    Hi so my guppy has velvet. It looks like a light dusting of gold. I cleaned the tank and added so salt, not table salt what should I do? The air conditioning broken down so I think it's because the water temp has been fluctuating
  9. Help me sex my guppy!

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    Hi everyone! About a month ago I got a few guppies for my tank. One of whom I need help with. I was purposely buying males because my tank can in no way support dozens of fry. One of them is realllly pretty but has started to blow up like a pregnant female. Normally I would have no problem...
  10. Guppy: Betta Agression or Ill?

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    Today I decided to purchase a guppy to go along with my female betta and three platys. The betta has chased the other fish before, been houses with guppies, but has never "attacked" another fish, so I didn't see much issue with adding a single guppy. The guppy I purchased did a fun slit and...
  11. Guppy Help

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    I have determined my 5 guppies have anchor worm. I am not sure how I would treat them and also treat/disinfect the tank. Has anyone had this issue or know how to help treat and disinfect successfully? Info - 10 gallon tank Filtered Aerated Decently - densely covered with fake/live plants. 50%...
  12. New guppy gives birth in the bag!

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    I got a female guppy today along with some other fish to add to the 29g. When I got home I was preparing to put them into the tank. I looked at the guppy female and said, "I hope you give me babies!" and seconds later 'pop!' a guppy fry comes out of her. This was the funniest coincidence that...
  13. Feeding problems for betta, tetra, guppy?

    Betta Fish Care
    I have a betta, a neon tetra, and a cobra guppy. Today's my first day with them, and I'm trying to feed the betta Omega One Betta Pellets, and the other two TetraMin Tropical Flakes (a trial packet from my tank's kit). It's been 7 hours since I got them from Petsmart, no idea when they last...
  14. Guppies!

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    Hey guys! it's been forEVER since I was on here, I feel bad haha. Anyway, I got some guppies yesterday, and it appears that one looks slightly pregnant? Unless I'm completely crazy. :) that was the best shot I got out of like 40.
  15. My Betta Fish (And Guppy) [Extremely Pic Heavy!]

    Betta Pictures
    These are just a few pictures of my fish. Speckle has proven especially hard to capture, he just can't stop moving! So Twilight is first. He's a cambodian veiltail male, and he loves flaring and blowing bubblenests, especially at night. He's got the whole 10g to himself, but soon it will be...
  16. Fish Overload!

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    Someone just gave my sister about 12 guppies (2 male, 1 female, and 9 babies), and we have no idea on what to do with them. Currently, all but 4 babies are in a small, filtered container, due to our lack of space. We also do not have a heater for them. The only possible space we could have for...
  17. (Fancy) Guppy Questions

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    So, I posted this on my Tumblr page for the fish community to take a look at, but I don't think that many prowl the guppy tag (if I put betta on it I'm sure I would have gotten two responses by now, lol). The reason I'm posing it to you guys is that I'm impatient, I will admit this, and I don't...
  18. Betta compatibility

    Betta Fish Compatibility
    So, I've been reading on the site about rescuing bettas and such. I had bettas when I was younger, and don't remember them having as much personality as others on here seem too. After reading a couple different threads and seeing some really gorgeous bettas, I'm considering getting another one...
  19. Guppy fry!

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    Hey everyone! I was away for 5 days this week and I left my mum to look after my tanks. I was just doing a water change and I noticed 3 guppy fry! :roll: The problem is I don't think my tank will have enough room for 3 extra guppies. They are currently in a 14 gallon community tank with 5...
  20. Something Ate the Babies from my Pregnant Guppy D:

    Other Fish
    Hi my Guppy has been pregnant for awhile now and I noticed her boxing off so I put her in a mini float breeder box so that she won't eat the babies. 2 days later nothing happened so I put with the others (still boxed off but I noticed her gravies spot becomming lighter and she seemed stressed)...