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  1. What Fish Are Compatible With Male Bettas?

    Betta Fish Compatibility
    I just upgraded my bettas tank to a 2.5 gallon from a small 1 gallon. My new tank has a filter, lighting, and gravel. The problem is the tank is looking empty with my betta just hanging out at the top. I'm looking for some tank mates that dont require "special care" meaning heating or special...
  2. Double Dark blue moscows and Albino guppys for sale

    Betta Chat
    I have more of my Double dark blue fry and my Orange Flame guppys for sale. These are the parents to the fry you will recieve. Prices for my Double Dark Blue Moscows Guppies 3 Unsexed Juvies $10.00 3 Sexed Juvies $20.00 6 Unsexed Juvies $25.00 12 Unsexed Juvies $40.00 Parents to the fry...