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  1. What I guess is a male Halfmoon Mustard Gas

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    Hi everyone. This is my first post. The thing is that I just bought my first pair of Bettas at Petco. They look pretty nice, healthy gills, bright colors, etc. The female is obviously a Koi Betta, I have no doubt of that. But the male is supposed to be a Paradise Betta like this one...
  2. Is My New Betta a Marble Betta?

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    I just got a male betta. I haven't owned any fish for a year, and my last three bettas I had only lasted me four years. I felt bad at Petsmart so I bought a half moon male betta. What I find odd is, he is so see through that you can actually see his bones and red veins. He has a large tail but...
  3. Betta Breed Question

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    Hello! First, I'd like to thank you all for being so helpful in my fish keeping endeavors. I'm very thankful that you all are so patient and kind! Before my tank went kaput, I had purchased a betta to put in that tank roughly a week ago. Thankfully, he hasn't come into contact with that tank...
  4. Does my betta have TB?

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    So I recently posted a thread first describing the symptoms. Upon further analysis I saw that this may be even worse than I thought. My fish has a crooked spine and sits still for hours at either the bottom or the top of the tank. At one point I even thought he was dead. When I went to scoop him...
  5. Is my fish dying?

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Last night, I was looking at the tank and I saw that my betta was swimming around very oddly and fidgetingly, then this morning I looked at him and he was just laying on his side in the corner so I tapped on his tank and he did not respond, I waited for 2 more hours and looked and he still had...
  6. selling marble vt/hm betta

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    Interested let me know the last 2 pics are the dad and mom
  7. new betta owner

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    so i bought this Twin Tail Halfmoon Betta and wondered if this tank is perfect for him. all im missing is the heater.
  8. Sick or Healthy?

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    Hey guys! I bought a male half moon betta fish on January 24th at a local pet store, and as I have been taking care of him since then, he somehow changed colors. I'm not sure if he is marbling or sick! When I first got him, I bought a 0.6 gallon fish bowl (I'm stupid, I know). He wasn't swimming...
  9. Worsening tail biter- Advice?

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    I've had my HM boy Captain America for almost twoish months now! (time flies fast). He appears to be an avid tail biter and I've read that a majority of the large-finned bettas tend to bite their tails. That's all fine and good. I can accept that. What gets me, is that those first few weeks I...
  10. What is he?

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    Hi guys I've had my boy killian for a few days now and he's doing great :) he had so much personality. He loves to flare and explore. I also found out tonight that he loves to bite fingers. I've been searching and searching and I just can't figure out what color he's considered. I was hoping...
  11. Help! Possible sbd

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    I bought a new fish today and tried to feed him but he wouldn't eat, I'm presuming because he's getting used to his new tank. The temperature is fine and the water quality is good. Along with his reluctance to eat, I noticed that he swims with his head down often and fins up. Sometimes, he has...
  12. Veiltail vs. Half Moon

    Betta Fish Care
    My friend buying a betta this weekend and has never owned a fish before. He's deciding between a veiltail betta or a half moon but I heard that Half moon's are more susceptible to diseases such as Ich and finnage problems. Is this true? Which breed do you recommend?
  13. Hungry boy eating a lot of fish flakes?

    Betta Fish Care
    So I just purchased a Half Moon Betta fish from Petsmart a day ago and I really love the handsome boy. Fortunately, the Petsmart near me takes acceptation care for their betta fish so I felt good in buying one. He is housed in a wonderful three gallon tank, currently 78 degrees with no heater...
  14. Help - Betta Came home with Fin Rot?

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Hi everyone - We just adopted our Betta, Magic Card (named by my 7 year old daughter) on May 17th, so he has been home with us for about 4 weeks. Last Monday I noticed that he appeared to have fin rot, and we began the treatment. However, this morning I was looking at the pictures we took the...
  15. Orange Dalmatian breeding line (I apologize for the massive photos)

    Breeding Betta Fish
    I read somewhere (Most likely here on the forum) that when breeding for orange Dalmatians, breeding a male dalmatian to a solid orange or red would produce more dalmatians. I received some bettas from aquabid today and I won't breed until the fall but I just wanted some info about keeping this...
  16. I'm getting one of my dream betta's!!! (Thai Import)

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    So this is my first aquabid buy and I am too excited, not only am I getting one of my dream fish I got a pretty little female for him in the anticipation of a future spawn ^-^ Both of them are from the breeder Blimp33. So here they are! Orange Dalmatian Half Moon! In the listing it says he's an...
  17. Which tail type is more popular?

    Breeding Betta Fish
    I really like the look of Super Gold colored bettas, but if I ever got some to breed I'd want them to sell obviously so which tail type would you recommend I buy? Half Moon, HMPK or Double Tail? I have seen some very nice ones in each tail type.
  18. Betta news.

    I guess I'll post about my betta adventures here ^-^ Here's what is new: I found a 10 gallon aquarium, it needs to be repaired but beside that it's in great shape. I went to look at the betta selection at the pet store and found some Halfmoon, so beautiful!!! I could not resist getting...
  19. Progress photo! HMPK

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    This is Shibo! He's grown a lot since I've had him and I just adore him so much! P.S- He doesn't have any damage on his caudal fin, it's just the way he marbled.
  20. Hard decision.

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    It took every will in my body NOT to take this boy home. He's labeled incorrectly as a "long fin white opaque betta" He's actually a pretty awesome half moon! No one at the LPS seems to know he's a HM though. He's absolutely amazing. There's also a small blue-ish dot at the base of his tail...