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  1. Does My Betta have a fin rot or not?

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Hey guys, had this betta for 2 weeks now, have been feeding him pellets and the water temp is 25° in a 3 gallon tank. I did a water change for him a day ago and today I have noticed some black spots and holes on his fin, and not quite sure yet if this is a fin rot or not. He still looks happy...
  2. Should I Use An Airstone?

    Betta Fish Care
    I am about to start up a 52 litre (13.7 gallons) betta fish community fish tank 1 male Halfmoon Betta 3 - 4 Apple Snails I have done extensive research and am aware that Betta can stress in large tanks so I have lots of silk plants and places for him the hide. My question is should I have an...
  3. New Dumbo Ear Halfmoon & Halfmoon Plakat Bettas!

    Canada Classifieds
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  4. New Bettas In Stock!

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    Lots of new bettas available! Including, halfmoons,halfmoon plakats, veiltails, crowntails, super deltas, giant bettas, wild bettas, and more! We also carry: microworms, brine shrimp eggs, Northfin betta pellets, aquarium plants, decor, axolotl pellets, etc. Order at RenasFishStore .ca
  5. Goodbye my little Dragon

    Betta Memorials
    I'd like to share the story of Kiro, the betta that started it all for me. So he may never be forgotten, and become immortalized in the depths of the Internet. You don't hav to read this whole story, but it would mean a lot if you did <3 It all started as a Christmas present from my Aunt, a...
  6. My Beautiful Bettas

    Betta Pictures
    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum (though I've been a lurker for some time), and so I figure I'd take a picture of my bettas and show them off! :-D Here's both of their tanks: 10-gallon, heated and filtered. Reno is a Halfmoon Double Tail I got after we moved. He's extremely energetic and...
  7. Split in the caudal fin

    Betta Fish Care
    Today I received 2 new males through the post (1 HM and 1 HMPK) and the HM seems quite stressed from the travelling. He would float near the surface and now and then would swim erratically. Is this normal and do they usually recover from the rough travels? The HMPK has a split straight down...
  8. Redid my 10 gallon tank

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    I recently redid my 10 gallon tank throwing out my sand and replacing that with Mexican beach pebbles and planted with an Anubias Nana, Lucky Bamboo, and a Marimo. And my betta loves it! He's been swimming around so enthusiastically with his fins flowing proudly and I really like the natural...
  9. How did my Betta change so drastically?

    Betta Pictures
    When I first got this fish, he was a marbled blue violet, I've had him for 7 months and now he's basically all blue violet. Is this the result of color enhancers?
  10. Cobalt the Half Moon Betta

    Betta Pictures
  11. Jurassic Park Tank

    Betta Pictures
    Hello everyone! I wanted to let you all know that yes! I'm alive! And furthermore.... I have progress to report! First of all, lets start by saying hello to my newest tank theme for my 5 gallon; JURASSIC PARK The idea was sprouted thanks to a cousin while looking over dinosaur themed...
  12. Clipped fins?

    Betta Fish Care
    I picked this beautiful boy up today after seeing him in the store for a week. He's a double halfmoon, but it looks like some his tail fins were cut. :'( Has anyone seen this before? Will they grow back?
  13. Please help! Is this advanced fin rot?

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    I have had my male Halfmoon betta for about two months now, lately I have noticed his tail looking shredded, it isn't discolored and he isnt shoeing any pther unusual behavior. Is this fin rot? The tail is shredded about 1 cm or less in and he is eating normally.
  14. Betta with Fin rot - Appropriate Treatment?

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Hello! I've been keeping track of my betta ever since he started getting a white-ish fuzzy film around his fins. I got some aquarium salt and started putting the recommended amount in the water every time that I did a water change and the film went away. Now his fins are growing more and more...
  15. New halfmoon!!

    Betta Pictures
    But this little guy named Beans from a local pet store and he is just so precious still very little but will hopefully grow (this is my 6th one I can't seem to stop lol) :-P
  16. what kind of half moon is he?

    Betta Pictures
    I bought my baby, Oliver at my LFS as a halfmoon. But he was definitely not full grown at the time. (When I got him, he was too small even to fit Omega One pellets in his mouth if that gives you any idea!) Anyway, I know that he is a halfmoon for sure, because of his 180 spread when he flares...
  17. Agressive Female?

    Breeding Betta Fish
  18. Is he really a halfmoon?

    Betta Pictures
    I am not sure if it is just me, but his spread doesn't look like 180 degrees. I got him for Christmas, and was going to use him as a breeder in the summer for a DTCT line, hopefully with some Halfmoon spreads in the mix. There was another HMDT that caught my eye when I was picking them, and he...
  19. Two new babies need names!

    Betta Pictures
    I got a two new babies today! I couldn't resist! I went in to look for a female betta and I ended up with a crowntail girl and a halfmoon boy! Here's the crowntail girl- (the hair isn't in the tank, its on the outside) She is a really light blue but I'm hoping when she calms down her colors...
  20. severe tail biting

    Betta Fish Care
    I have a halfmoon betta who's bitten his tail so much he looks like a sickly crowntail. He started biting after I moved him to a five gallon tank (he was originally in a three gallon). He's always had water conditioner, a weak filter to keep the oxygen levels up and gunk levels down, a heater...