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halfmoon king

  1. Meet Sparkle

    Betta Pictures
    Meet Sparkle, my new betta! He was labeled as a halfmoon king at petco. Kudos to anyone that recognizing the story book in the background. :) He has a few super cool scales that are transparent, but if the light hits them right they shine with iridescence. He's funny, he puffs and...
  2. Biggest betta ever.

    Betta Pictures
    My friend and I were at Petco and we found THIS MASSIVE BETTA. I wanted him so bad. He barely fit in their dinky little cups. (Sorry for the icky photo, I took it with my phone.) They called him a "halfmoon king". He was $20. If I still had my 10gal I would probably have bought him. Has...
  3. Post pics of your king bettas

    Betta Pictures
    I haven't seen to many king photo's around the on the site, and thought we should post them all in a thread together where we can compare and talk about are awesome fish. Say some interesting things about your fish. I love the king Betta so much, especially my two male Half moon kings. The...
  4. Photo's of my bettas

    Betta Pictures
    The first photo is of my Half Moon king betta, His fins are actually a dark red, but the photo was really dark and when I brightened it he looks like he is all blue lol I have some great photo's of him I took with my DSLR, but I can't view them on my computer because I shoot everything in raw...
  5. Bettas are adorible

    Betta Chat
    What do you love about your Bettas? what personalities do you love how your betta? I never new I could love Bettas so much :) before I was never interested in them and was sure my cichlids had to be more interesting. of course any betta I had seen before was in a bowel without a heater while...