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  1. Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Hi everyone! I recently got a betta, and I notice that his fins are not open and taut like most bettas--they are very flimsy, and they don't flare out like they are supposed to. On top of that, my betta also has some white spots on his head and his gills. Is he sick? I asked the guy I bought...
  2. Member Classifieds
    High quality betta fish imported from Thailand & Indonesia. 3-4 months old. Both males and females for sale. *We ship all across Canada!* Order online at Like us on Facebook for updates!
  3. Betta Pictures
    So today I went to petco for an unknown reason. They had tons of new fish and I loved this mustard gas plakat so I begged my mom for another betta (: so any name suggestions???
  4. Betta Pictures
    For the last year I've been wanting one so bad. But whenever the time came to pick out a new betta, I'd walk out with something else. Two weeks ago, I was casually walking through my LFS and saw this cute little HMPK. He's not the most vibrant or anything, but he caught my eye and he's a...
  5. Breeding Betta Fish
    going to breed these two in a week or week and 1/2 already conditioned for a week male is a hmpk black dragon i got from ebay.(not a virgin) and female is a hm white copper dragon. both of their parents were imports from thailand. male: female:
  6. Breeding Betta Fish
  7. Betta Chat
    I don't know the type exactly can you guys help. Yes I know they suppose to be in a bigger bowl or tank but yeah, im just waiting for my money lol my friend told me the yellowish one is mustard gas :O but I don't know what the female is.
  8. Breeding Betta Fish
    I'm in no way ready to breed bettas, but I was wondering if I have the basic idea. Here are two platinum white halfmoon plakats, I found on aquabid. I thought they would make a nice spawn. I believe that the male doesn't have the best topline and his the color in his finnage could be more...
  9. Betta Chat
    I pretty much fell in love with this gorgeous boy over at aquabid, but the other bidder was really, really determined. What do you think my chances are of finding another like him?
  10. Betta Pictures
    Hey everybody! Since i am going to be getting a PK and HMPK VERY soon, i would love to see your pictures of your plakats to give me an idea of how awesome they are lol! Share stories, pictures, videos,etc! Cant wait to see yours and get mine! Also, form your experiences, should i look for...
  11. Betta Pictures
    Hey guys, got some videos here of my two breeding pairs. The girl who is mostly white has stunning sky blue spots, they come out as sort of pale steel though in the video, don't do her any justice at all. I'm planning on spawning both of these pairs after easter weekend :) Video 1...
1-11 of 11 Results