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  1. General and Carbonate Hardness

    Betta Fish Care
    Ray and I had a great year and a half together, and though he did not live as long as I expected, I think from all indications he passed of natural causes. Out of being a worry wart, I cleaned out his tank entirely after he passed. (In case there was disease. That's just the way i think.)...
  2. Is this a good setup?

    Planted Betta Tanks
    I'm pretty new to aquariums so I wanted to make sure this was a good tank setup, I feel like the pH, KH and GH in particular are off. Tank Size: 10 Gal Fish: 1 Male Half-Moon Betta Plants: Java Fern, Amazon Sword and Anacharis (the Anacharis was a bit ratty when I bought it but there are some...
  3. Naturally Lowering pH and Hardness

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    I have well water, so the pH is alkaline (about 8) and the water is very hard. I'd like to soften it up and lower the pH to around 7, but since I'm a beginner I feel uncomfortable about meddling with chemicals. Does anyone have any tips for lowering the pH and/or softening the water without...
  4. Ph Levels

    Betta Fish Care
    I'm planning on getting a male betta fish for my ten gallon tank (he will be the only fish in the tank.) and I tested the ph and it reads 6.0, will be this bad for my soon to be betta fish? here are the other results of the test. Nitrate: 20 Nitrite: 0 General Hardness: around 30 - 60 (I've...
  5. Flourish compatible with Betta Spa? Also, pH?

    Planted Betta Tanks
    Hi, I'm new to this forum, but not to fish or bettas. I am returning to the hobby after a 10 year break, and am delighted to find a betta forum. :) Here are my 3 questions in case you want to skip the detailed background that follows: 1) Can I use both Atison's Betta Spa and Seachem's Flourish...
  6. What are the Optimum Water Parameters for Bettas?

    Betta Fish Care
    Good Day! I hope you're having a pleasant one. What are the Optimum Water Parameters (ideal, or min/max ranges) for Bettas? Your information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Water parameters

    Betta Fish Care
    Hey everyone. So I just bought a water test kit for the first time today because my betta has a fungus and I wanted to see what was up with his water. I'm just a little confused about a couple of the results: pH 7.5 Alkalinity 180 ppm Hardness 300 ppm Nitrates 0 Nitrites 0 Ammonia 0 So I know...
  8. Filtered water vs. distilled water

    Betta Fish Care
    Hello fellow Betta lovers, and Betta experts (I am soooo not one..... yet). I know you are not supposed to use distilled water because it lacks essential minerals needed, but what about filtered water? And when I say filtered water, I mean the water that comes out of my PUR faucet filter. I...