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  1. Questions about my new betta

    Betta Fish Care
    Hello everyone! I just received a betta (Baby Yoda) and I was wondering about the gender of the betta and the type that she/he is? I am also curious about his health. I am pretty sure his caudal fin has some fin rot but I also notice the scales at the bottom of his head are grey. I am not...
  2. Worried my betta might have eaten a piece of substrate - help!

    Betta Fish Care
    Hi guys, This may sound like a ridiculous concern, but I was planting a few small Sagittaria subulata sprigs in my betta's tank, and while doing so, some of the underneath substrate (a small white gravel - larger than a grain of sand, but some are about the size of a betta pellet) floated to...
  3. Weird Clear/White Algae?

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    So, this is the best picture I could get for what is happening to my tank and betta recently. It's noticeable around his head and body. This algae, if that's what it is, is all over the fake tank plants and decorations. I can't seem to get rid of it, right after I 100% clean the tank, it comes...
  4. Question from a first timer

    Betta Chat
    Hello, I am planning to start a planted aquarium for a betta. This will be my first betta, but also my first time keeping any kind of aquarium. Next week I am planting and starting the tank, so it will be several weeks before I actually have a fish and put one into the tank. That said, I...
  5. Swim Blatter, or Something Else?

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    A week ago I got a new betta. After putting him in the tank, I fed him a only few flakes. The next day I noticed that he was floating at the top, and if he swam down into the water, he would just float back up. I started treating him for SBD- fasted for 4 days, and then the day before...
  6. General Health (especially cycling)

    Betta Fish Care
    Hiya guys! I'm not only new to this website but also to bettas as a whole, apart from the research I've done today. I'm very interested in getting one when the minnow I've got passes on (I'll be switching out my biorb, apparently they're a death trap!). I've owned fish for years and my current...
  7. Melafix.

    Betta Fish Care
    So I recently bought a new Halfmoon male that had substantial fin damage, they were curled under themselves and his fins had enormous damage so I decided to try Melafix. My concern is his fins look worse, I assume that its causing the dead material to fall off (his bowl gets very dirty very...
  8. Help help help !!!!

    Betta Fish Care
    Hey everyone. I need some help! I really dont know how to describe the problem but I posted a picture as well. Its blurry but it was hard snapping it. His body seems inflamed. Not his gills, where they get inflamed when they are aggressive, but to the right of his body. It seems like he is...
  9. what bettas age the best?

    Betta Fish Care
    I have had my darling King Popzy for almost 3 years and have noticed a few things as he ages. His fins drag him down He is having trouble seeing his food I really feel bad for him. I am planning a second betta tank and would like a darling that would age well. Can you give me advise and tell...
  10. Frustrated Betta Owner, need advice

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Not too long ago, I posted on this forum asking for help for my betta, Germaine. He hadn't been eating and was very lethargic and I was beginning to get worried. So I frantically typed up a thread with all the details (which you'd likely be able to find through my profile or something), posted...
  11. King Betta

    Betta Fish Care
    My husband and I are discussing the possibility of getting a King betta in about a month, (after our two newest are done with quarantine) and I'm curious if they need extra care in comparison to regular bettas? How much do they eat, in your experience? Are they more susceptible to disease or...
  12. white stringy stuff coming off of my betta

    Betta Pictures
    I just noticed this white stringy stuff coming off my betta and I have no clue what's going on. I change his water frequently and use filtered water. Does anyone have any ideas?
  13. HELP! Is my Betta okay?

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    I need help telling whether my better is healthy or not. She has some bloating/a bump and something hanging from her underside. I'm worried about Dropsy. Tank: 5 Gallons Was 1 Gallon Temperature: 71 Without Light 75 With Light Filter: Usually Off Appetite: Good
  14. Betta Fish Won't Eat Pellets

    Betta Fish Care
    So I've had my betta Epinephrine for nearly three months now and he seems really healthy, but he refuses to eat pellets. I know a lot of bettas are picky eaters but he's been living off of TetraMin tropical flakes interspersed with freeze dried bloodworms and I'm sure that can't be too good for...
  15. Betta skin tag on tummy!! What is it? (Picture attached)

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    I do water changes once a week, then a scrubbing every other week. But for the past few weeks my tank has stayed persistently cloudy. I'm not sure why, it's never done this before. I'm hoping it has something to do with the filter, which I'll be changing tomorrow. I've had the same sponge filter...
  16. PLEASE HELP! Unknown Betta Disease... Tumors?

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Hey guys! I'm new to this forum but I've been raising betta fish for about 15yrs on and off and I have never seen this kind of disease before. This is a Female Dragon Betta... she always had a white "stain" on her side but then it started growing and she started developing these tumor-like...
  17. Is this POOP? And If so, WHY IS IT RED?

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    ..... I don't think this is poop. It looks nothing like poop. As soon as I get all the tank stuff set up, this happens -_- Do you see it? ew
  18. What is your opinion on frozen food?

    Betta Fish Care
    Hello! I'm new to the forums and just purchased my fist betta, Alexander. He is getting along nicely in his 5 gallon heated, filtered tank and I look forward to having him for a long time. I have been feeding him omega one betta pellets (that I pre-soak in tank water) and he loves them. Gobbles...
  19. Do these fins look okay?

    Betta Fish Care
    I've had this little guy for about eight months. He got scraggly fins at one point, so I put him in a hospital tank. He ended up living in there awhile while I tore down his old tank and planted it. His fins don't have holes in them, but they're also still a little scraggly (more so than when I...
  20. Betta Acting Strange after Tank Cleaning

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    I got my betta fish a few weeks ago and he seemed happy, and was very active. The woman at the pet store told me I only had to clean his take once a month, but I noticed what seemed to be ammonia burns on him and went ahead and changed it today. Ever since I took him out of his tank he's been...