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  1. Wynn, my new Betta (and first)

    Betta Pictures
    Hi, I'm new to Betta and the site but thought I would start here by sharing my first Betta. I got Wynn from a Pet Value last week. I thought his iridescent colouring was striking and was pleased that he was a feisty fella too :-D He is very social with me, if I come to the tank he will swim...
  2. My new sunset fish!

    Betta Pictures
    Hello everyone! This is my début post on this site~ So hello and it's wonderful to meet you all! ^_^ Here is my shiny new betta that I purchased from one of the greatest pet stores ever (it's called Preuss's Pets, in Michigan) His name is Ludovico, Ludo for short, after the Pianist...
  3. Second time betta owner joining the forum!

    Meet the Betta Keepers
    Hi Guys! I decided to join this forum after I seemed to get so much info and help on getting and caring for my new Betta! I used to have a Betta named Prince. I was misinformed and got him as a gift so I must be honest in saying I didn't take the best care of him. He was kept in a 1.5 gallon...
  4. Want to WIN a Thailand betta, all expenses PAID?

    Betta Fish Contests
    :-D I've been coordinating with Indjo a bit and brainstorming. There is a possibility (okay, more than likely a definitely) that there is going to be a contest of some sort in the near future, in which everyone can participate and everyone has a shot at winning a betta fish of your choice...