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  1. Christmas in the betta world!

    Betta Chat
    I'm currently decorating my tank for the holidays, and I was wondering if anyone else does the same thing. <3
  2. Help with school paper

    Betta Fish Articles
    Hey everyone! I joined my school paper as the monthly animal article writer and it starts in September. Because I have a betta, I was asked to write about bettas for the paper. I haven't written it yet, but basically I just was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on specific things I should...
  3. Worried about my new betta

    Betta Fish Care
    I just got a betta fish to replace my old last week and I am worried that he is not adapting well to the new environment. He has a 2.5-5 gallon tank ( I can't remember, but it's smaller than 10 gallons). He stays up at the top of the tank and doesn't really swim around a lot. I'm just worried...
  4. Curling Rays

    Betta Fish Care
    Recently I am seeing my new betta fish, a crown tail, fins start to curl. I just did a water change today, 100% was done on Monday. I tested both of my fishes waters. Donnys: [Crown tail] pH: 7.0 NO3: 0 NO2: 0.5 KH: 40 GH: 120 Atlas: [Halfmoon] pH: 7.0 NO3: 0 NO2: 0 KH: 40 GH: 120 Any...
  5. Entertaining a Betta

    Betta Fish Care
    How can one play with a betta or make him not just sitting around in his tank? My one betta, all he does is sit on his leaf or go by the heater..I think hes depressed and I try to make him happy or swim around more. But he hasn't or rarely does. Now everytime I clean his tank, I do move the...
  6. Tank Ideas

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    Unfortunately, my betta, Atticus, passed away last week. I just purchased a new baby from AquaBid and I'm currently waiting for him to get here. Since I don't know why my previous fish died, I completely cleaned the tank and it's sitting empty to make sure everything is decontaminated. I got rid...
  7. Aloha~

    Meet the Betta Keepers
    Hello everyone, I decided to actually make this cause I was lurking around this area, bored to death, and I'm pretty sure Dawn is sick of me, haha. My online name is Fawn Enasni, and I congratulate anyone who realizes what Enasni means. I'm 13 years old and I swear I have murdered anyone who...
  8. Fin Nipping?

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Hi, For the past four months my betta has been losing his fins. At first I thought that he had finrot so I treated him with aquarium salt and his fins began to grow back. A fortnight later, i noticed that part of his fins had gone missing again, so i retreated him. eventually i got really...
  9. Ideas? 20 gallon hexagon wanting to stock.

    Other Fish
    Hi y'all. I have a hexagon 20 gallon that I've thought about filling in the future. I would like to have snails, guppies, and something else. I'm posting this for ANY AND ALL ideas, suggestions, anything as to what to stock in this aquarium if I did set it up in the future. : ) Live plants would...
  10. Betta Toy ideas

    Betta Fish Care
    hi so i have a betta who seems to get restless at times and i already got him the exercise mirror laying leaf and am thinking about getting the floating log also i would like more toys for my betta (ernest) money isn't a problem so if any one has any recommendations please let me know
  11. 55 gal Fish Suggestions?

    Other Fish
    I grabbed a 55 gal the other day at Petco since they have that $1 per gallon sale going on. I haven't set it up yet (still need to find a place for it) but it'll probably be ready to stock in the summertime. Until then I have plenty of time to think and research about the fish I can put in...
  12. What to add???

    Betta Fish Compatibility
    I rescaped my 29 gallon into a NPT wannabe. It has the dirt and some lucky bamboo growing out of the top. Currently I have 1 female betta and intend to add 4 more. Also in that tank are 2 Neon Tetras, was seven but 5 have went poof for some reason. I WILL get 5 more Neons. But even then, the...
  13. Stocking a 5 Gallon Tank Ideas

    Betta Fish Compatibility
    recently my Betta died, and i have an empty 5 gallon tank that i would like to do something with in the next couple weeks. i was wondering if anyone had any ideas of what i could put in it. i was thinking like a few guppies or 2 female betta, but would like to have some input first.
  14. 2.5 Aqueon Mini-Bow ideas?

    Other Fish
    Hey guys, I'm going to be setting up a 10 gallon tank soon and my 2.5 Mini-Bow will be empty. Any ideas for easy-to-care-for pets? I'm not really interested in any other types of fish (tetras, etc.). I'm thinking of some type of crab. Maybe a hermit? Or are there any crabs that live in water...
  15. Heating Question

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    Ok so sadly i have all the stuff for my Betta fish bowl and all but the thing is me or my mom dont have enough money for a heater >.< it wount be for a while until i can get one! D: and i dont want my fish to get sick, die, ect. soo is there anyway else to heat a fish bowl...? If so please tell...
  16. Naming Your Betta

    Betta Fish Care
    Hi all, When I get my betta, I'm hoping to name him a Thai name to heed his origins. Any suggestions that mean something (I was thinking 'fire', or 'sun') would be helpful. But since it would be selfish to open a forum like this and use it for my benefit only, I want everyone to post their...