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  1. Fish ID?

    Wild Betta Forum
    Hey everyone! I'm new here. Early today I purchased a betta fish from the lfs that was mislabelled for $5 (they had him with the females even though he had made a bubble nest in his bowl). He looks nothing like the other betta splendens they carry and to me he looks like he might be a betta...
  2. What species is my wild betta?

    Wild Betta Forum
    Hi! I have been setting up a blackwater tank in a ~12 gallon aquarium (approximately 12x12x18") and I was finally able to get a female wild betta (sold to me as a "ninja betta"). I've been researching betta species and haven't had any luck identifying her to species. I think she might be in...
  3. Help with baby snail

    Other Fish
    So not a fish, but still not a betta so I guess I'll put this here. A while ago a got some new plants and noticed what I thought was a ramshorn snail on them. Super small, the size of a pin head. I left it alone and haven't seen it since. Now I've found this one and I'm not sure if its the...
  4. Need help identifying plants

    Planted Betta Tanks
    Hello guys. First time poster, long time lurker :smile2: I need help identifying the plants that I got. I have a clean version and another with numbers for everybody's convenience. I did some research (and tried to remember what my LFS told me) and I have listed them down below. Please correct...
  5. Pest snail identifcation?

    Planted Betta Tanks
    I came home and chilling on velvets Anubias Nana which continues to float because it doesnt want to stay planted is this little guy. I used the plant tweezers to move him and he fell and started scurrying along Velvets hidey. I know its a pest snail lol. I'm curious to know where the guy came in...
  6. HELP! Need Names, and Identification for Two Females!!!!!

    Betta Chat
    So I have these 2 females, No idea what they are, I'm planning to breed them, and they Need names! I don't have any idea of what to call them, easy names please!
  7. Help Identifying Plant?

    Planted Betta Tanks
    Hi there! It's been awhile since I posted, omg, loving the new design. Anyway, I recently got two plants from PetSmart labelled as "Mondo Grass", but quickly realized it wasn't Mondo Grass at all when I looked it up. Still got them though, since $2.79 is a steal for a snail/pest-free plant that...
  8. Snail identification

    Finless Friends
    Hi, I had a mystery snail in my betta tank (sadly, no longer with us) and also added a small plant that I hadn't quarantined (dwarf anubias), so I'm not sure what the origin is of my new little shelled friends, but I'd love it if someone can help me to identify them. Are they friend or foe...
  9. Betta identification!

    Betta Chat
    Hey guys! I'm new to this forum and also a new betta mom. I introduced my new betta to his 5 gallon heated and filtered tank yesterday. He is happily exploring every nook and cranny of his home, and has been quite responsive to my presence. (I attached a picture of him chillin' with his silk...
  10. Dragon scale? Help!

    Betta Pictures
    So almost two months ago I adopted this little guy from a pet store and on his temporary container they claimed he is a dragon scale betta. I've heard that pet stores can often misidentify betta fish and thought this would be the perfect place to ask! He very well could be a dragon scale and I...
  11. Just got a betta. Noticed a shimmer and bad appetite

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    I just got a betta from Petsmart a little while ago and I noticed a pretty shimmer on its fins, body, and head. I looked into it and apparently, a gold shimmer is velvet? Can someone please confirm for me if my fish indeed has velvet? If my fish does have velvet, what is the best...
  12. My Little Guy

    Betta Pictures
    Hello! I bought myself Dante about 10 months ago in September of 2014. He is doing very well, but I'm still unsure about what kind he is. I bought him as just a little baby from PetCo and he's gotten a bit larger and darker in color. He is a really great fish, and about a month ago I did the...
  13. Betta Identification

    Betta Pictures
    Hi, I'm trying to find out what gender/type this Betta is. I adopted s/he a few months ago and didn't expect it to live through the night, honestly. Still has a few issues but doing much better, eating a lot and getting huge! Already bigger than the crowntail male we adopted at the same time...
  14. Need Help With a Betta Name & Identification (Red Female)

    Betta Chat
    I just bought a beautiful Red betta for my sorority the other day. Help with names? Also if you could identify what kind of betta she is that would be awesome!
  15. Not sure whats wrong! Things come and go!

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Hello everyone! I'd like to start off by saying that I used to care for and even breed freshwater fish when I was young and have started caring for several fish again. TLDR: My male crowntail betta's gills look a little more red than his pigment and theres a shiny spot that doesnt look like ick...
  16. Help me identify?

    Betta Pictures
    Can anyone help me identify the type of betta Roger is? i got him about a month ago and i cannot come up with a classification for him. Thanks:-D
  17. Help me ID this guy?

    Betta Pictures
    This here is Red. I've had him...or her? Since February. I bought this little guy at petsmart, labeled as a female. I'm still pretty confused as to what he/she is, gender and tail/colour wise. If anybody could help, that would be great!
  18. Need help with Identification

    Betta Pictures
    I got my new beautiful male betta, Viserion (named in honor of the Game of Thrones season finale), yesterday, and as I'm new to betta identification, I need a little help figuring out how he'd be described in respect to tail type, color, scale type, etc. He was labeled at the pet store as a...
  19. What would you call this coloring?

    Betta Pictures
    Hi! I'm new to the forums (and bettas) and I was wondering if anyone around here could tell me what sort of betta Hannibal over here might be? I got him from Petsmart about a month ago, and I don't know what type he is, or what to call the coloring he has. The lighting in my room is terrible...
  20. What do you all think? ID(A lot of photos)

    Betta Pictures
    So I've named him Kisaki! I got him today, he was marked as a female betta and I'm 99.99% sure he's a male. Since he was marked as a female I got him for a crazy cheap price! What would you say his coloration he is? I know he's an Plakat elephant ear, his tail shape is a bit odd as well, I...