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  1. Betta Spawn Logs
    Spyro and Lythalia Spyro: Lythalia: Spyro with Fry: The fry became free-swimming on August 24, 2022. Babies at 6 weeks old 10/05/22 - there are 142 of them! My favorite baby (6 weeks):
  2. Wild Betta Forum
    Hi! So until today I was totally unaware of the species Betta Imbellis, but I now believe that I have two of them, a male and female, that I bought out of a sorority tank (!) from my LFS. First I was hoping someone with more experience could confirm that for me. This is Itty Bitty: She is very...
  3. Betta Pictures
    So this is quite the flood of pictures but i wanted to show off my Imbellis boys! They look similar but all of these are different fish. I have soooo many. Most of them are wild caught, straight from the rivers of Thailand (and one from Malaysia). Im breeding them to sell, im sure some will make...
  4. Member Classifieds
    Hey guys i have 1 pair of imbellis for sale still young 3 months old only very pretty very active im asking 25.00 for this pair. shipping will be via USPS Express Next day40.00(to ensure fish survival) Video is the actual male you will be getting Active and beautiful...
  5. Breeding Betta Fish
    Heres a video of my new pair of imbellis that just spawned This video shows how the look like This video shows the Spawn
  6. Betta Pictures
    Hi everyone. New to the forum, but not to Bettas. I've had them since I was young on and off. Recently my two daughters wanted to get a betta, and I got a couple as well. I spotted these two and liked the wild like look of them. So I purchaced them. Think they may be male imbellis or coccina...
1-7 of 8 Results