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  1. Journals
    This is my story on how I came across the specialist fish in the world. Last christmas I received among my gifts a pet smart gift card with a betta on it. Cool, I thought. Now I can get a fish or something. I went to the store and promptly went to the betta section. I saw this cute little...
  2. Journals
    Hellooo, So I have decided to keep a fish journal because I've seen so many people starting them. I will be posting updates and pictures of my betta fish, Princess, and her tank setup. I hope this won't be too boring :lol:
  3. Journals
    I finally got my 10gal Marineland Bio-wheel tank up and running :-D it's such a beautiful tank and it includes(as seen in picture) neon gravel, bio-wheel filter, heater, thermometer, bee hive cave, ancient bridge, leaf bed, LED lights that have 3 settings(on daylight, on nighttime... blue, and...
1-3 of 3 Results