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  1. Betta freaking out? Sudden jumps

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    I recently diagnosed my poor betta boy with either tumours or Lymphocytosis, I am yet to see depending on how his growths develop. But now I heard him jump for the third time today. Everything's quiet and suddenly a giant sploosh that creates bubbles on top of the water. I rushed to the tank...
  2. Jumping? Good or Bad?

    Betta Fish Care
    hi, this is my first time posting. I've kept many betta's in the past. I don't claim to be an expert but this isn't my first time around if you know what I mean. I got another new betta a little over 2 days ago. He is an elephant ear plakat. He looks healthy (beyond that fact the store did a...
  3. Successful upgrade?

    Betta Chat
    I have finally been able to upgrade my fish's tank up to a 5.5 gallon (yay!). I've had him for about three weeks in a bowl half the size which he didn't love, but it was a temporary solution.:-? I made sure to have a couple live plants and a smooth hiding place, heater, and did regular water...
  4. Betta Loves to Jump

    Betta Chat
    Hey all! I have a baby betta and he seems jump... a lot. I'm a little worried he will jump out of his tank. None of my adult bettas are that aggressive. For a little guy he seems to jump about 1/2-1in. Sometimes it even makes me jump haha. Any tips?
  5. Fish and Felines

    I own cats and fish. It's just kinda my thing. I have four bettas - two males, an adult female, and a 'baby betta' who is also (I'm almost positive) female. The males, Arthur and Merlin, are in a divided 20 gallon with a small colony of ghost shrimp and 3 ivory mystery snails. The females...
  6. Jumping Fish

    Betta Fish Care
    Hola! So my betta just jumped in its tank. the lid was off and i saw it happen. so I'm kinda worried now. is he gonna keep doing that? should i be worried? is that a sign for something? let me know.. thanks
  7. Just a quick question.

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    I just lost my beloved betta Bronco. So I bought 2 bettas today and I have a tank with a divider. Twice already the larger of the two has jumped the divider. I took out quite a bit of water but I'm scared to sleep on them. How high can my betta jump? And how in the world do they know whats on...
  8. Jumping too much..?

    Betta Fish Care
    My boy will stare at the water's surface, appear to be sizing it up, and make a little jump at the wall. It's almost like he sees something and is trying to eat/attack it, but there isn't anything there. I really doubt it's a problem with the water. It's a filtered, heated 5 gal and I do one...
  9. Betta jumping into filter - increase flow?

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    Howdy all, Just got a new PetCo 6.6 gal bookcase tank for my betta, Danube. He's been swimming and exploring and he's blown a few bubble nests which I take to mean he approves of the tank. One night, while I was up late I heard some splashing from the filter but didn't pay it any mind. I...
  10. Air bubble eyes, not swimming much, HELP!

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    I noticed last night that one of my four female bettas, Ellie, is having a really hard time getting food. She obviously wanted it since she nipped at the others when they stole it from in front of her, but she never seemed to notice the food before they got to it. It's not weird for one fish to...
  11. White spots, white tiped fins, and jumping fish?

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Hello, I've had my two betta's (Onyx and Gypsy) for about 4 weeks now. They both seem to have problems that I can't find any information about. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Lets start with Onyx: He is a green/blue veiltail that lives in a 5 gallon tank with no heater (the room he is...