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  1. Critique my girl please!

    Betta Pictures
    This is Kitty Foreman, I was looking for a girl like this to start making a sorority a few months ago as well as to breed to my Red Foreman, RIP. My cousin is actually the one to find her! Walmart had gotten a new shipment of bettas yesterday abd she just so happened to be going to buy new fish...
  2. Cats & TV

    Finless Friends
    My little Tiger just LOVES to watch TV! Especially Animal Planet, and I was just wondering if anyone here has a cat (or cats) who love to watch TV! You can include a picture if you have one of your kitty watching TV you'd like to share! :-) Here's mine
  3. someone's annoying me... with their improper petcare!

    Finless Friends
    Well, I have a friend named Danielle who has a younger brother, Justin. They have a cat that they share, but I don't think they are taking good care of it, and that annoys me a TON! I'll list the reasons... 1. Justin threw something at the cat and made it hiss wildly (can't remember the...
  4. Covering Tanks/Feline Protection

    Betta Fish Care
    This is one of those practicality questions. I have a cat and a fish: never a good combo. While kitty has been good for the most part and wasn't within striking distance, the other night I caught her up by the tank. She was kicked out of the room for the night. I'm supervising her during the...
  5. Amazing Petco/Petsmart Haul

    Breeding Betta Fish
    Hey all, so the video is a few AMAZING betta I found, I made two pairs and have an extra dt pk male as well as a pineapple ct girl who is not in the video. In the video you will also see the Maine Coon cat I adopted! :) Aside from these, I got petcos silk plants, about 8 of them, because they...