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  1. Finless Friends
    I've had my leopard gecko Peter for around 6 years now. He doesn't really like being handled much so I usually leave him to himself. But I feel like he has no environmental stimulation. Even if change the placement of whats in his cage, he is only interested and explores for like 5 minutes...
  2. Finless Friends
    So, I've gotten very positive feedback from my boyfriend when we went to PetSmart a couple of days ago with his mom to get dog food... He said I could get a fire belly frog when we got money but no fish (I'm still getting my dang fish). I did research and, as I like to handle what pets I can...
  3. Finless Friends
    I made a mini birthday hat for her and I'm going to get her some treats tomorrow. Her favorite treat is waxworms. They are like candy to her and need to be fed once. She is now two years old... (:
1-3 of 3 Results