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  1. NFS Small Fish Formula

    Betta Fish Care
    So I've had my betta, Leo, for a week now. When I got him, I wanted to make sure I got the best quality food I could, so I bought NFS in small fish formula so that he could easily swallow it. I used to feed Atticus with a betta food from Aqueon, but since he ended up really sick I figured it...
  2. The story of Mizuchi (A slowly growing collection of tales)

    10/8/15 After losing my betta Aoi-Hiiro (That would be the handsome devil in my avatar) I went ahead and settled with my African Dwarf frogs, then goldfish (Absolutely fell in love with blackmoors. So dopey and sweet) After they eventually swam over the rainbow bridge, I decided I needed a...
  3. Who I am.

    Hey everyone, my name is madlikearose but my real full name is Madeline Rose Krajecki. I know a lot of people might not care but hey if you are reading this thats great and I hope you can learn a little about me and comment or write your own journal so I could learn about you, or just enjoy the...
  4. Just a girl trying to deal with her betta obsession.

    I think I will start writing about my life (Betta-wise) Enjoy!
  5. Betta Dropsy Cure / Pain Reduction

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Hello Community, I have recently noticed that my Betta is being pretty lethargic and having trouble floating (lays a bit on side at bottom) and squeezes next to filter in a vertical fashion. I had a lot of problems with a swelling side earlier and because he was starting to seem in pain...
  6. The Life of Rubin

    Okay, so I decided to make a journal about Rubin, so here it is! I'll start with how I got him and then just update on cool stuff he does, pics, etc. :-D Enjoy!
  7. So I'm still alive. =] Vegan cookies, protests, and 5 gallon cycling! <3

    The Lounge
    I'm just SUPER busy! XD Also the internet at my student apartment has been broken for what.... an entire MONTH now? Srsly not cool. They just fixed it by contracting a local internet company to come in and install some private modems for us separate from the rest of the college's. great right...