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  1. U.S. Classifieds
    Have about 12 Nymphaea Taiwan available, $0.50 each, take all for $6. Shipping is $7.05 Can include free salvinia minima as much as I can pack in the small flat rate priority shipping box, just as for the free floaters. Shipping in continental US only, PayPal only.
  2. Betta Pictures
    After all-district band auditions yesterday I stopped by Petco to look at some supplies for upgrading my tank (they're having the 1 dollar/gallon sale). I'd lost my first betta fish, Indigo, almost a month ago and wasn't sure if I was ready to get a new betta fish, but I just fell in love with...
  3. Planted Betta Tanks
    I had a dwarf red lily plant in my 55 gallon. It would shoot up a bunch of lily pads every week for about 4 months, then one day these really weird, fine roots started sticking out from the soil underneath, and then within a month, the lily pads started melting, and basically the whole plant...
1-3 of 3 Results