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  1. SIP Prince Azul

    Betta Memorials
    Prince Azul (featured in my profile pic), I got him on a whim 3 years ago when I went to pick up food for my turtles I saw him sitting there and fell in love with him immediately. He reminded me of Nemo as his left fin was pretty torn up, but he had a fighting spirit and immediately swam up when...
  2. First time Female Bettas

    Betta Fish Care
    I've always been one of those people that got male Bettas, because they are so flowy and pretty, unlike their female counterpart...Or at least that's what I used to think. After Poseidon died earlier this year, I had a 10 gallon tanks that only had Otos in it, so I wanted more fish. I wasn't...
  3. Guys, this is the best thing ever!

    Hello everyone! I would like to tell you about how my boyfriend has seen me with my betta and loves him too with me. However, today is very special. My boyfriend got a betta of his own. He said i taught him so much and he could use a friend in this tough time of in between fresh out of college...
  4. Goodbye, babies.

    Betta Memorials
    Over the years, I lost so many bettas, sad everytime. It breaks my heart, but fish only live for a few years. Here is a remembrance of my little friends. These are just my boys. My first one, Mr Unnamed. Red VT My second one, Junior. Blue VT My third one, Raiken. Red and pink VT My fourth...
  5. The story of Mizuchi (A slowly growing collection of tales)

    10/8/15 After losing my betta Aoi-Hiiro (That would be the handsome devil in my avatar) I went ahead and settled with my African Dwarf frogs, then goldfish (Absolutely fell in love with blackmoors. So dopey and sweet) After they eventually swam over the rainbow bridge, I decided I needed a...
  6. One Spoiled Betta!

    Betta Chat
    Daryl is the most spoiled little Betta! He usually only gets one pellet due to his swim bladder but my mom and dad wanted me to five him one more pellet while he was begging and my mom said "Grandparents always spoil the grandchild" šŸ˜‚ā¤I love my family. They really encourage me and my betta love...
  7. Does anyone else get judged for betta love?

    Betta Chat
    I am at college and my roommate and friends make fun of me for actually taking care of my baby. I told them he was sick so I bought him betta meds and they look at me and say "Oh my God Maddy. It's just a fish just let it die". :evil: Like really? I love Daryl and have an extreme anxiety issue...
  8. Cute things your betta does!

    Betta Chat
    Pretty much, you post all the things that are cute that you love about your betta! I just got my female royal blue veil tail from Petco, and she has been doing some really cute things! She will follow my around when I walk past her tank and she will always chase my finger. I'm currently...
  9. Beautiful Babygirllll.

    Betta Pictures
    I can't get over how beautiful our latest female crowntail is. She's perfect. So docile &friendly. I love how metallic she is. I just wish I could just take her out and hug her. Buuuuuut, I think she's safe where she's at.(; Meet Elsa. (Yes, named after that new Disney movie, Frozen.. I...
  10. Addiction is real..

    Meet the Betta Keepers
    I'm Kirsten. (: I've always wanted a Betta fish or two, I just always have felt so bad for them in the conditions they were in, that I witnessed in local pet stores. So for Valentine's Day last year, my boyfriend and I went and picked out a little baby, we now call Marble. Since then, we've...
  11. Betta with Cory Cats?

    Betta Fish Compatibility
    Can my male betta go with 2 albino cory cats? or no? :shock: Thx:-D
  12. do you think these are good videos about bettas?

    Betta Chat about betta habitat about betta neglect Thanks for watch comment what you thought about them! :D I loved them!:-D:thankyou:
  13. R.I.P. Remi :(

    Betta Memorials
    I loved my betta. His name was Remi and I rescued him and he died the day after I got him due to neglect from his last owner... :( :-( R.I.P. Remi :cry:
  14. Hey everyone!

    Meet the Betta Keepers
    Hey, I'm Lexi, a 15 year old girl who cuurently owns two bettas. Right now I have Sebastian(my baby) and Patches(my other baby)! Im only going to have Patches soon becasue Sebastian just got dropsy:cry: This place seems really fun and helpful. I'm thinking of getting a few more bettas and tanks...
  15. Bettas are adorible

    Betta Chat
    What do you love about your Bettas? what personalities do you love how your betta? I never new I could love Bettas so much :) before I was never interested in them and was sure my cichlids had to be more interesting. of course any betta I had seen before was in a bowel without a heater while...
  16. Bettas

    Betta Fish Care
    DOES anyone need help on fish?